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Table of Contents:VOL. 36, NO. 4 - April 2007
Retire Young: Build a nest eggThe Ultimate Dream: How to achieve financial freedom long before 65. Plus: Handling insurance issues and how to know if you are you on track. By Walter Updegrave (more)
How to fund your 401(k). Solving the Roth dilemma. How to tap your nest egg. (more)
Mutual fund visionary Jack Bogle on life, near-death and what investors need to focus on now.  (more)
Get compensation stats and demand forecasts. Research by Money Magazine and (more)
Tax time, and papers are everywhere. How to banish the chaos. (more)
The Parnas sisters are extraordinary musicians. But the cost of nurturing that talent is wrecking their family's finances. (more)
Hanging out your own shingle in a field you're expert in can be a great second career. Here's how to make it a long one. By Josh Hyatt (more)
Your money & your lifeThe pursuit of money and the pursuit of happiness often get equated, especially in our successaddled culture. But new research suggests we're going about things all wrong. (more)
Here's the lowdown on the right (and wrong) ways to pluck off more money.  (more)
Nina Olson, the national taxpayer advocate represents your point of view in disputes with her own employer, the IRS. Tough job. (more)
Tip of the Month
Where to go to get last-minute tax advice. By kate Hazelwood Van Ert
On the jobSharing salary info with colleagues is dangerous, difficult and pretty darned useful.  (more)
Tired of being your teenagers' ATM? Stop the handouts and put them in charge of managing their own money. (more)
What do you do if your industry is shrinking, but your monthly bills aren't? You come up with a plan - and hope you don't need it. (more)
Finding the right words
Asking your fiance for a prenup. By Stephen Pollan and Mark Levine
Your Home: 5 tips if you're in too deepFeeling stretched by housing costs? Then it's time to give yourself a helping hand. (more)
A Seattle homeowner used open design and dramatic lighting to turn a too-small kitchen into a big deal. By Lisa Liebman
Money MakeoverHow a family can shift to a lower-risk portfolio and still meet their retirement goals.  (more)
You could have outperformed the stock market over the long run by a wide margin if you had invested in wine. That's right, vino looks like a value investment.  (more)
Some do-good funds are redefining "ethical" to boost performance. By Penelope Wang (more)
These stalwarts have increased earnings for 20 years straight and can protect you from a bear.  (more)
What's in a price?Ever wonder why things cost what they do? Well, you needn't be an economist to understand the system - or to exploit it. (more)
Five power washers vs. one really dirty patio. By Charles Passy
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