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Table of Contents:VOL. 38, NO. 1 - January 2009
Cover story
Get your money back
Don't let the market meltdown derail your retirement plans. Follow our six-step guide to rebuilding your 401(k). By Penelope Wang 
Is it all over for stocks?
After a miserable decade, you have to ask whether some of the most basic assumptions about equities are just plain wrong. By Pat Regnier with Carolyn Bigda 
The bargain bin
Once-in-a-generation sales have sprung up in this crazed market. The trick is to focus on the real red-tag deals like these. By Janice Revell 
Secrets of America's top advisors
Six of the financial planning profession's most respected veterans reveal their favorite strategies for tough times. By George Mannes 
Milk, bread, newspapar...and a flu shot?
Retail clinics, online docs and other new health-care options aim to deliver fast, reliable treatment, no appointment necessary. And you might be able to pick up some groceries at the same time. By Amanda Gengler 
Laid off at 50
It's a nightmare - and if you think it can't happen to you, you're kidding yourself. Here's your best game plan. By Paul Keegan 
New: Crisis-Relief Hotline
Money answers your questions. 
How bad (really) is 8% unemployment?
The forecast jobless rate isn't historically awful. But you won't like how it feels. By Stephen Gandel 
Former real estate bull admits, "I spun"
Working for realtors, David Lereah was famously optimistic. Not anymore. By Donna Rosato 
Money helps
When your bank closes a dormant credit-card account. By Donna Rosato 
Keep it in the family
Make sure the wealth you've earned goes to the people you love. By Walecia Konrad 
The Mole
Exchange-traded funds are simple and cheap. That's why your adviser doesn't like them. 
Kids and money
A student job may make your child's college bills more affordable. By Ismat Sarah Mangla 
Are you phish food?
Trying to poach personal info online, "phishers" pose as your bank, favorite websites and Facebook contacts. Don't take their bait. By David Futrelle 
How I did it
To save her business - and her sanity - marketing consultant Michele Harris needed a system to budget her time. As told to Josh Hyatt 
Your shop
Find Funding for a Biz Get start-up cash despite the bank squeeze. By Alison Woo 
Does your house make you sick?
You may be exposed to dangerous toxins. Get rid of them without getting ripped off. By Kate Ashford 
What to do when good appliances go bad
If you can repair a busted machine yourself, you'll save plenty. By Josh Garskof 
Question of the month
Can I cut my title insurance fees? 
At last, a crashproof fund?
Equity-index annuities promise stock market exposure at no risk. A perfect choice? If only. By Joe Light 
The intelligent investor's guide to spirits
The economy is on the rocks and liquor's getting pricier. So, uh, what would Benjamin Graham drink? By Noah Rothbaum 
The money shrink
Why You Can't Trust Your Gut in This Market Seeing signs of the Great Depression? Maybe it's all in your mind. By Tyler Cowen 
The boom years
Mother (and Father), Can You Spare a Dime? Your adult child may need your financial help now more than ever. Be sure you consider these questions first. By Dan Kadlec 
The long view
Unhappy with Your Roth? Just Say Never Mind. If the market crash has made you regret converting to a Roth IRA, you can get a do-over. By Walter Updegrave 
The stock strategist
Finally, Dream Stocks at Affordable Prices The crisis on Wall Street has given you a rare chance to upgrade your portfolio. Take it. By Pat Dorsey 
Fund watch
Yet Another Thing to Worry About: Taxes Adding to your frustrations and losses is the possibility of getting hit with a tax bill. Time to plan. By Penelope Wang 
The bottom line
Memo to Washington: Here's how to give retirees a hand. By Janice Revell 
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