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Table of Contents:VOL. 38, NO. 4 - April 2009
The Seven New Rules of Financial Security
In a world turned upside down, you need to reexamine some basic assumptions. It starts with understanding the true nature of risk. By Carolyn Bigda and Paul J. Lim  
How to Play by the New Money Rules
The smartest ways to apply these principles to every stage of your life. By Carla Fried  
Real Estate Special Report
When Will Home Prices Hit Bottom, Already?
Check out the projections for the nation's 100 largest metro areas - and make smarter buying and selling decisions. By Amanda Gengler  
Make Over Your House (Without Going Broke)
Kitchen too small? Rooms too depressing? No matter what your budget, there's a way to solve the problem. By Duo Dickinson  
Ease the Tuition Squeeze
Okay, your 529 is way down, and college costs are way up. You can still send your kid to college without breaking the family bank. By Penelope Wang  
Build With Bonds
Who needs funds? There's never been a stronger case for assembling a portfolio of individual bonds instead. By Joe Light  
Crash Course
Harvard historian Niall Ferguson says radical thinking is needed to get us out of the financial crisis. By Paul J. Lim  
Europe on Sale
A resurgent dollar and recession-induced price cutting make this the best summer in years to head across the Atlantic. By Donna Rosato  
What You'll Get From the Stimulus Package
The numbers are massive -- but what will end up in your wallet? Here are three ways you could benefit. By Janice Revell  
Don't Let Their Slip-Ups Trip You Up
These Obama nominees proved it's all too easy to get in trouble over taxes. Steer clear of a similar fate. By David Futrelle  
Where Your Money Goes ... for a Bestselling Book
Ever wonder how much of your $27.95 goes to the writer, publisher, retailer? We've got a detailed breakdown. By Kate Ashford  
Networking for People Who Hate to Network
Yes, you have to get out there, especially these days. So you might as well make it fun. By Donna Rosato  
Five Things to Know About Cash
Finding a safe place for your money sounds easy. But you need to pick the right cash accounts for your goals. By Sarah Max  
Help Your Kids Graduate From Debt
If your grown children are facing their own economic crisis, you'll probably want to offer some aid. But should you? By Beth Kobliner  
Got Commodities?
Prices have crashed. But food, energy, and metals could still be part of a well-balanced portfolio. By Janice Revell  
For These Newlyweds, a Fresh Start
This young couple have a simple goal: repair their portfolio and save to buy a new home within the next three years. By Yuval Rosenberg  
New Life for Old Memories
The smartest ways to digitize your photos, home movies, and more. By Adam Bluestein  
The Life Cycle of Conspicuous Consumption
How living extra-large became the norm -- and why it will be again someday. By Tyler Cowen  
Happy Birthday, IRA -- Many Happy Returns
Born in the 1970s, these still-over-looked retirement savings accounts have become more useful than ever. By Walter Updegrave  
Yes, Diversification Works -- Eventually
When everything's going down, spreading your bets might seem pointless. But over the long term, the strategy still pays off. By William J. Bernstein  
Where the Next "Normal" Will Take Us
When the dust of the bust settles, bet on beefed-up government, stronger Social Security -- and, yes, higher taxes. By Pat Regnier  
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