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10 tips to protecting your nest egg 6:11am: In his farewell column, the Mole leaves parting words of consumer advice. More
Jan 21: It's tempting to change your asset allocation in tough times like these. Don't give in - stick to your original plan. More
Jan 14: For investing peace of mind, you don't need to buy a costly and complicated annuity. More
Jan 7: Exchange-traded funds and index mutual funds are both great choices. But which one is right for you? More
Dec 31: Exchange-traded funds are simple and cheap. Beware of advisers who would wipe out that advantage. More
Dec 26: Ever wonder where the people giving you advice keep their money? Here's a peek into my personal portfolio. More
Dec 3: You've just discovered that you're not as brave as you thought. Don't make it worse by acting on your fear. More
Nov 26: Media appearances can make a planner seem wise and authoritative. That doesn't mean he really is. More
Nov 19: Some planners may offer their services for no charge, but that doesn't necessarily mean you won't be paying something. More
Nov 12: Here's a plan that offers market returns with little risk. Hint: it doesn't involve high-cost insurance products. More
Nov 6: The first meeting with a new adviser should yield some useful advice. If it doesn't, you might want to walk away. More
Oct 29: A volatile market isn't necessarily a bad market. But selling when stocks are down is usually a bad idea. More
Oct 22: There's no shortage of unethical financial advisers out there. Here's what to do if yours is one of them. More
Oct 15: This isn't the first time stocks have been declared dead, and it won't be the last. But a well-diversified portfolio always makes a comeback. More
Oct 8: The big time money managers will make some pretty lofty promises and charge some pretty high fees. But that doesn't mean they can always deliver. More
Oct 1: That financial radio show may very well be a paid infomercial to get your money. More
Sep 24: With all the wild swings in the stock market, wouldn't it make more sense to just get out? More
Sep 17: Sure active mutual funds seem passé when compared to private wealth managers. But are separately-managed accounts the way to go? More
Sep 10: When deciding how to allocate your nest egg, don't discount those fixed payments - factor them into your portfolio. Here's how. More
Sep 3: These days, advisers are eagerly hawking what worked the last time stocks tanked. Hold on to your wallet. More
Aug 27: International stocks have outperformed U.S. markets recently, but owning a diversified portfolio that covers the world is still your best bet. More
Aug 21: While the last 10 years haven't been a stellar decade for stocks, performance was better than most media reports claim. Markets still yielded decent returns. More
Aug 13: If your financial planner tells you something that doesn't check out, here's what you should do. More
Aug 6: Probably not, even if you got bad advice. All the more reason to ask hard questions up front. More
Jul 30: Wall Street loves to benchmark against the S&P 500 index. Here's a better approach. More
Jul 23: In a 401(k) plan, you're limited to the investment choices that your company offers. So what if they're not so great? More
Jul 23: In a 401(k) plan, you're limited to the investment choices that your company offers. So what if they're not so great? More
Jul 16: You might have financial planners banging down your door, but that doesn't mean you should open it. Building a diversified portfolio of low-cost investments is likely a better option. More
Jul 9: When you start hearing these pitches, it's time to hang up the phone. More
Jul 1: Pulling out of the market during hard times creates a pattern of buying high and selling low. A savvy investor would do much better to stay the course. More
Jun 25: Hint: It's not just the fees your financial planner charges. More
Jun 18: If your adviser is only now recommending you move some of your portfolio into global stocks, it might be time for a new adviser. Watch out for these red flags. More
Jun 11: If you've attended a seminar with financial advisers pitching annuities, proceed with caution. More
Jun 4: You should invest internationally, but not because your adviser just fell in love with overseas funds. More
May 28: It's easy to get spooked by recession talk, but trying to time the market is a losing game. More
May 21: Don't just lower your taxes, increase your after-tax earnings. More
May 14: Most planners will give you a free consultation, but good advice will probably require more than that. More
May 7: Certified Financial Planners are one of the better known designations in the world of financial expertise. But those letters aren't necessarily a guarantee you're getting sound advice. More
May 1: There's nothing wrong with paying a financial adviser for her services. But make sure you're getting something for those fees. More
Apr 23: There are plenty of good planners out there. You just have to know what to look for. More
Apr 16: Worried about the bear market? Your adviser shouldn't be. More
Apr 9: Choosing an asset allocation is only the first step. Your asset location can be just as important to your investments. More
Mar 26: There are plenty of gurus out there claiming they can beat the market, and they're willing to show you how for a newsletter subscription fee of a few hundred bucks. Are they worth it? More
Mar 19: The fund family has a great performance record, but there are other factors that determine future returns. More
Mar 13: Some planners really don't know very much more than you do about finance. Here's how to make sure you find one that does. More
Feb 28: Trying to predict market swings usually results in buying and selling at all the wrong times. More
Feb 20: Age isn't the only factor in deciding when to safeguard your retirement nest egg. You need to assess your willingness and need for risk before you can decide on when to change your investment mix. More
Feb 13: Lousy short-term performance doesn't necessarily mean your financial adviser is a dud. But there are some red flags that may tell you it's time to pull the plug. More
Feb 7: If you need to tap the cash in five years, stay away from volatile investments like stocks. More
Jan 30: Put your prospective planner's frankness to the test with these four tough questions. More
Jan 23: Human beings tend to get emotional in a down market. But those that can endure the pain, will reap the benefits. More
Jan 16: Dollar cost averaging may not guarantee you better returns than lump-sum investing, but it has other advantages that might bring a better yield over the long run. More
Jan 10: Beware of annuities promising high returns at low risk. Most clients would do better investing on their own. More
Jan 4: Why you shouldn't rush to act on advice, no matter how good it sounds. More
Dec 26: A new home could make you happier, but mortgaging your net worth is a risk most retirees can't afford. More
Dec 18: It may be painful to watch your 401(k) value plummet when the market takes a hit, but don't press the panic button. More
Dec 13: High fees and tying up your money. How to avoid bad advice from planners who warn you'll run out of money. More
Dec 6: You may need a Ph.D. to understand the terms of life insurance, but the economics are simple. More
Nov 29: The government offers a great retirement plan for the military. Don't let a bad advisor steer you into something worse. More
Nov 15: If you're not getting good results, and you're not even having fun, active investing is not for you. More
Nov 8: The promise of great returns with no risk. Sounds great until you read the fine print. More
Nov 1: High-cost investments can undermine long-term retirement savings. If that's what a planner is selling, walk away. More
Oct 25: How to find a financial planner who will actually make you money, and not fritter your wealth on poor investments and high costs. More
Oct 18: If you've already got the will to be financially independent, these three steps will speed things along. More
Oct 10: When deciding how much mortgage to take on, the math is pretty simple. More
Oct 2: Your financial planner may not be outright lying. But be skeptical of pledges to cut costs. More
Sep 25: A reader is paying too much for IRA management and is getting poor results. The Mole has a solution. More