What it takes to be rich
Money Magazine's Ryan D'Agostino hit the streets in America's wealthiest zip codes. Knocking on hundreds of doors, he learned the secrets of financial success from those who've earned it.
Myth 1
Beverly Hills, Calif. 90210
Lesson 1: Create your own opportunities. The British expatriate who owns Mystery Pier Books, got his revelation on a movie set with Steven Spielberg. (more)

Myth 2
Westport, Conn. 06880
Lesson 2: Have a growth mind-set. Reichhelm and others have a knack for identifying things other people covet. (more)

Myth 3
Atherton, Calif. 94027
Lesson 2, Corollary 1: Never stop learning. Miletic left a safe, corporate path to get valuable leadership experience. (more)

Myth 4
Lake Forest, Ill. 60045
Lesson 2, Corollary 2: Calculate your risk. Leaving a comfortable corporate job to be a consultant wasn't as much of a gamble as it seems. (more)

The two (yes, just two) keys to wealth
American business lore is filled with tales of visionaries taking insane risks in pursuit of a distant dream and then striking it rich. In fact, the rich look a lot like you. Money Magazine's Josh Hyatt debunks 5 myths to show you what really drives success. (more)
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