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Court blocks Ryan Seacrest's Typo case
A federal judge has banned Ryan Seacrest's Frankenstein iPhone-and-BlackBerry device.

Rand Paul's hopes for a flat tax
When it comes to taxes, Rand Paul wants them simple and flat.
U.S. requires new cars to have backup cameras
Automakers will be required to install backup cameras in most new vehicles by May 2018, a federal agency announced Monday.

Michael Lewis: Markets are 'rigged'
Is Wall Street a rigged game? Michael Lewis thinks so, and the financial writer's new book blasts the so-called high frequency traders he says are gaming the market.
ABC's Josh Elliott leaving 'Good Morning America' for NBC Sports
Josh Elliott, the news anchor on ABC's "Good Morning America" who has been in line for the main chair on the program, is leaving the network to join NBC Sports.

3 measures of Obamacare's success
Who cares that 6 million people have signed up for Obamacare? That doesn't mean the program is a success.
Stocks soar on last day of choppy quarter
Stocks look set to close out a lackluster first quarter with a sprinting finish on Monday.

Five questions for Mary Barra on GM's recall
Mary Barra has spent much of her first three months as General Motors CEO apologizing for the company's failure to recall 2.6 million vehicles until after 13 deaths had occurred.
260,000 graduates in minimum wage jobs
If you thought paying tens of thousands of dollars for a college education guaranteed a high-paying job, think again.

GM's Barra: We don't know what went wrong
GM CEO Mary Barra will tell Congress on Tuesday that the company still doesn't know why it took 10 years to recall cars with flawed ignition switches that killed at least 13 people.