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% of MBAs who want to work there: 9.78%
Headquarters: New York, NY

What makes it great: Deloitte is committed to community: Last year it pledged to provide $60 million in pro bono services to nonprofits over a three-year period.

It's also known for helping MBAs develop all aspects of their career, having invested heavily in its state-of-the-art learning facility Deloitte University.

"There’s a commitment to ongoing opportunities for leadership development," says Andrea Hampton, who manages MBA recruiting at Deloitte. "It’s a unique experience from what they would get joining other firms."

What they're looking for: Growth in Deloitte's consulting business has driven a surge in MBA hiring over the last three years. The professional services giant has hired about 230 first-year MBAs for summer internships, and expects to bring in as many as 500 MBAs from this year's graduating class.

Deloitte looks for strong, well-rounded generalists, but demand also is strong for specialists in health care and life sciences, supply chain management and business analytics, says Hampton.

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