The New American Workplace

7:12am: Pay for executives, celebrities and others in the top 1% has surged 145% over the last few decades. For everyone else it's gone down. More
Oct 30: College grads with foreign language skills will have better job prospects than their English-only peers. More
Oct 22: Young people delaying their start in the workforce. The recession is the main reason, but more time in college, longer lives, and raising kids are also factors. More
Aug 13: About 74% of American women participate in the labor force, little changed in the last 25 years and far behind many other developed countries. More
Aug 1: Companies are hiring, but the jobs are often part-time or temp, instead of full-time. Obamacare is partly to blame, but experts say the main causes are economic uncertainty and a lack of demand. More
Jul 29: Today's Americans are working less than their parents generation did, and have more free time than ever. More
Jul 9: What would you do with your time if you only had to work four, three, or even two days a week? More

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