Inolife Technologies Inc. (Bitcoin Generation, Inc.) Provides Shareholder Update
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Bartlesville, OK , March 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inolife Technologies Inc. (Bitcoin Generation, Inc.) (OTC PINK: INOL) provides the following update from Deniz Hadjiev, President and CEO of the Company.

Dear Shareholders,

Further to a number of inquiries, the Company is providing you with the following update and clarifications as it relates to the recently announced tri-merger and change of business.

Name Change

The Company has proceeded with a request to change name to Bitcoin Generation, Inc., a new symbol and a new CUSIP.  The Company’s legal counsel has filed the required documentation with FINRA and said name change are typically processed within a 10-day period. 

Change of Business

Bitcoin Generation Inc. is a company specializing in the development of blockchain application, as well as bitcoin and alternative coin mining using proprietary in-browser mining application as well as planning to implement a mining operation.  The company has developed two ERC20 Tokens, 1) Bitcoin Generation Coin under the symbol BCGc with 21 million total supply, and 2) Bitachon under the symbol BTA with 5 billion in total supply of which 4.5 billion are currently held by the company. 

Common shares, and Preferred shares

Shareholders who hold shares of Inolife Technologies do not have to tender their shares and no action is required on their part.  The change in CUSIP and or name change will not affect their holding balance. There are now 850,537,176 common shares issued and outstanding and 10,000 preferred F shares.  The company does not plan and or intend on any corporate action including but not limited to reverse split of its common shares and or preferred F shares.


It has come to the attention of management that some online discount brokerage firms are requiring account holders who wish to buy INOL stock to phone in their initial first trade, after the initial call and trade the management has been told the account holders are free to trade INOL electronically with no extra steps.  Company’s counsel has inquired as to why this initial step needs to be taken and while no OFFICIAL answer has been given, this process is sometimes implemented during or after the issuer has undergone significant corporate actions i.e., name change, industry change, tier status.  Additionally, INOL has entered the blockchain industry and similar stocks have seen major volume and price increases and this initial step helps to inform and protect investors wishing to trade in highly speculative stocks. Management feels this initial step is good for investors wishing to trade in INOL stock.

About Bitcoin Generation Inc.

Bitcoin Generation Inc. is an Oklahoma corporation incorporated on December 21, 2017.  The company specializes in the development of blockchain technology application, crypto currency mining, and crypto currency trading. The company owns 21 million Bitcoin Generation Token as well as 4.5 billion Bitachon Token.

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