Green Is the New Gold
4,645 Aberdeen Report Survey Respondents Have Their Voices Heard on the Impacts of "Green" Initiatives on Their Organizations

Aberdeen, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), announced today upcoming findings from "The 2008 Aberdeen Report: State of the Market." Over 4500 survey participants identified how their organizations are seeing the emergence of "Green" initiatives like never before fueled by social, ecological and economic implications. The increasing complexity of the global business environment, rising energy and transport costs, and mounting compliance challenges are driving a major focus on sustainability and green initiatives. Forty-seven percent (47%) of the 4,645 companies participating in the 2008 Aberdeen Report revealed that they already have green initiatives in place. Of these firms, 74% cite Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the main driver for their green initiative and 52% of the surveyed audience identified competitive advantage as the second top pressure for having a green initiative (see chart). Overall, green initiatives ranked in the top eight corporate strategic goals for organizations in 2008.

In 2008 "Green" is more than just politically correct; it is a path to sustainability and to a more competitive position in the global market. Companies have also found innovative ways in which to successfully implement Green initiatives into their organizations such as green product development, green technology infrastructure, and green server architecture, to name a few. Green Marketing is also an emerging notion as companies seek targeted, lower volume direct mail solicitations stemming from environmental awareness. Green Supply Chains are also cropping up in companies with global operating requirements, increasing environmental challenges, and supply chain cost pressures which are rapidly driving the need for improved sustainability and social responsibility programs and solutions.

The data points referenced herein are part of the 2008 Aberdeen Report, due out this quarter. The 2008 Aberdeen Report spans six years of data collection, 2.5 million business interviews, data from 1.2 million organizations, and over 4,645 snap-shot survey respondents to help understand the state of the market, including business practices, process methodology, technology application, and general strategies. The second in a series of annual reports by the Aberdeen Group, the research looks at industry, geography, organizational size, and role across various business drivers and outcomes. Individuals can pre-register for a copy of this 120+ page report on the Aberdeen web site at

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