Seen On Screen TV, Inc. (OTCQB: SONT) -- Launches New Product, a Pocket Battery Charger and Car Battery Jumper, the Charge'n Jump

Seen On Screen TV, Inc. (OTCQB: SONT) went live online today with its latest product, a pocket sized, battery powered unit that can charge almost any mobile device, but its best feature is that it will jump start a car with a rundown battery. The e-commerce site for the Charge'n Jump was developed by VoiceFlix, Inc. It is located at Charge'n and the units are selling for $59.99.

George Jarjour, COO of Seen on Screen TV, Inc., remarked, "A few months ago, when this product was just a sample and we had not yet committed to it, I accidentally left my car lights on all day while I was at work and my car would not start after work because the battery was flat. I went back in the office and got one charge'n Jump, plugged it into my car and was delighted when it worked exactly as advertised. This is a very high quality product that we are selling at a very competitive price."

Antoine Jarjour, CEO of Seen on Screen TV, said, "The Charge'n Jump is a fine product that we have used ourselves, and it performs its job admirably. We take it to trade shows and it keeps our phones and laptops charged all day with no problem. This is an excellent device that has become necessary to keep all our portable devices charged and ready for use."

ABOUT Seen On Screen TV, Inc.

Seen on Screen TV, Inc. is a global retailer selling products through its range of websites and direct response television advertising. Headquartered in Everett, Washington, it markets direct to the public its own branded products as well as other specialty products using television commercials and infomercials to drive direct response telephone calls to its call centers and also driving traffic to its websites to create corporate awareness as well as online sales. For more information about the corporation please visit Seen on Screen

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