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Get ready for the final rate cutThe Fed is expected to lower its key interest rate to 0.5%. Experts think it will signal that the central bank will have to get more creative to get the economy out of recession. more
Life after a six-figure salaryWith fewer jobs available, unemployed workers are taking any position they can find - even if it comes with a salary cut. more
Another 14,000 job cuts Sony, Wyndham, Novellus, Danaher, NFL are the latest companies to add to the dismal employment picture, bringing the December tally to nearly 50,000 job cuts. more
Laid off? Hyundai will take your car backThe automaker's new incentive program aims to reassure car buyers who are worried about losing their jobs. more
When to collect Social SecurityIf you can afford to put off collecting your checks for a few more years, you probably should. more
Jobs worst in 7 years for small bizA new study finds that small firms are undergoing their worst employment contraction in nearly seven years.  more
'Great white way' goes greenNew York's theater district is replacing 10,000 lightbulbs with more energy-efficient ones to ease the load on the city's power grid. morevideo
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