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American Express cuts jobs
Dec 12
Firm slashing up to 6,500 in travel unit due to effects of Sept. 11 attacks. (more)  contains video
 • Investors focus on 4Q    
 • P&G raises, Merck warns    
 • Financial stocks    
Bush pushes for stimulus
Dec 1
President, in radio address, urges Congress to end delays in effort to bolster lagging economy. (more)
Deficits seen through 2005
Nov 29
White House budget chief blames recession, war on terrorism. (more)
Ad sales still slow
Nov 28
The industry tries to shake off the effects of terror attacks and the economy. (more)

Discounters' sales strong
United to use stun guns
Forum picks NYC over Davos
Will this cut do the trick?
More job cuts pending
U.S. manufacturing sinks
U.S. economy shrinks
Plan may squeeze insurers
Morgan Stanley plans back-up

So far, so good

The Dow has finally recovered to where it was before Sept. 11. And the market outlook is brighter -- from big tech stocks down to less obvious sectors like specialty chemicals. (more)

Top 401(k) mistakes
Oct 25
In a volatile market, it's even more important to avoid these three top nest egg gaffes. (more)

Salvation for stock losses
Oct 24
You may write off losses if you bail out of an investment by year's end. (more)
 • Build a smart retirement plan    
 • Meld your 401(k) and IRA    
 • The 401(k) turns 20    

Understand stock dividends
Oct 24
Tempted by dividend-paying stocks because of market losses? Don't forget they're taxed as ordinary income. (more)


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