Summer Tipping

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Okay, so it's summer and the living is supposed to be easy. But if you're traveling on vacation, playing golf, sending your kids to camp or just having the lawn mowed, there are always two hard questions that linger: "Do I have to tip? And if so, how much?"

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This table may help. Below are some suggested tipping guidelines for traveling and summer living culled from The Emily Post Institute, "The Itty Bitty Guide to Tipping" and

(Keep in mind, if you're traveling abroad, these guidelines may not apply since tipping etiquette varies by country. To find the lowdown on the tipping customs where you're going, check with a good travel agent or country-specific travel book. Or, for some broad guidelines to tipping in 52 countries, check the "Itty Bitty Guide to Tipping.")

Skycaps: $2/bag
Electric cart driver: $2-$3/person
Wheelchair pusher: $2-$3/person

Taxi drivers: 10%-15%; up to 20% if driver helps with bags or makes extra stops
Car service/limo drivers: 15%-20%
Door-to-door shuttle: For paid shuttle service, 15%, with $1-$2 extra per bag if help with luggage is provided. No tip if shuttle is free.

One-day trips
Guide & driver: 10%-20% cost of tour
Extended tour
Guide & driver: $1-$10/day, unless gratuity is part of tour price

Varies. Follow guidelines provided by the specific ship.

Doorman: $1-$3 for hailing cabs, helping with luggage
Bellhop: $1-$2/bag
Concierge: $3-$5 for dinner reservations ($10 for hottest restaurants); $20 for booking tours; $25 for getting tickets to a sold-out show
Room service staff: 15%
Hotel housekeeper: $2-$5 a night (Leave every day as opposed to once at the end of the stay, since different housekeepers may clean your room.)

Table-service waitstaff: 15% to 20% before tax
Buffet, waitstaff: 5% to 10% before tax
Bartender: $1/drink or 15%-20% of bar bill before tax
Sommelier: 20% of wine bill before tax
Parking valet: $2

Poolside/beachside attendant (hotels): $2-$5 per service (e.g, getting extra towels, setting up chair/umbrella)
Golf caddy: $10-$25 above fee if fee is paid to the golf club
Country club staff: Policies vary. 57% of private clubs have a no-tipping policy
Boat trip operator: For trips of three hours-plus, $5-$75, depending on service and excursion cost
Trip guides (flyfishing, river rafting, horseback riding, etc): 15% cost of the excursion. But check with the company about their tipping policies when signing up.
Staff on specialty vacations (dude ranch, spa, etc.): Check with the company about their tipping policies when signing up. Some may suggest paying a lump-sum equal to a percentage of the cost of your stay, and the company then divvies it up among the staff. Absent a tipping policy, 15% is a good base.

Gardener: $20-$50 at end of season or holidays (If gardener is from a professional service, a tip may not be necessary.)
Person who mows your lawn: $10-$25 at the end of the season, but not necessary
Babysitter/Nanny accompanying you on vacation: Small gift (e.g., gift certificate for dinner or a massage) or a day or two off during the trip

Front-desk clerk at a hotel
Ice cream vendor
Camp counselors (But if you want to recognize someone in particular, a handwritten note or small gift at the end of summer is appropriate.)
Swimming, tennis and golf instructors
Additional sources: Madison River Outfitters (Montana), Dave Hansen Whitewater (Wyoming)