OQO Personal Computer What techies want
Business 2.0's list of what's cool this year, from a robot who wouldn't condescend to clean your floor to the gadget that gets you your favorite tv shows, no matter where you are. (more)
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Best picks in tech
You know you're buying a camcorder. But which one? Money magazine balances features and cost to tell you the best choices in seven categories. (more)

Last minute MP3 gifts
Accessories for iPods and other MP3 players are good gift ideas to consider. Some extras cost as much as or more than the players themselves, and others make affordable stocking stuffers. (more)

Best places to buy electronics
Seeking a digital camera or TV? Survey says the best deals are not where you might think. (more)

Want an Xbox 360? Good luck.
Microsoft may be shipping fewer next generation video game machines than expected, say analysts. (more)

An Elmo that 'Knows Your Name'
Mattel unveils Sesame Street doll this week; toy will let parents download child's name and info. (more)

PS2 Game guide 2005
Xbox? PlayStation? Nintendo? We've got your best choices for all the systems. (more)
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