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Confessions of a market timer
What I learned about real estate and investment strategy by selling my apartment. (more)

Buying to own
Buying to own Mr. & Mrs. Newburg rebuild a dream house
They're fixing up their castle by the sea -- if they don't go broke first. (more)
*How come we still pay this man 6%?
*The miracle mortgage
*When a smaller home is smarter
Buying to own
Investment A life in real estate
How I did it: An immigrant's daughter grabs a piece of the American Dream. (more)
*Retire on the house
*No-money down mania
Buying to own
Renovation The wired home
Systems that keep your lights on (or off) and your home running aren't just for geeks anymore. (more)
*Value added
*Renovation wizard
Buying to own
Bubble Boomtown USA
Something strange happens when real estate makes everybody rich. Is this where your town is headed? (more)
*Zell: No bubble here
*Are home prices really so crazy?
*The 100 Major Markets
Buying to own
Calculators *How much house can you afford?
*What will your payments be?
The wired home
Wired home products
If these walls could talk...Actually, they can. Finally, you can know for sure if you left the iron on, using these new home monitoring systems.
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• Beach homes
*Lesson 8: Buying a home
*Lesson 19: Home insurance
*Lesson 21: Estate planning