Second Life cars
Virtual world has its own economy and its own wheels.
By Peter Valdes-Dapena, staff writer
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Scion xB Toaster
Scion xB Toaster
Scion, which opened a dealership in Second Life on Nov. 6, sells all of the Toyota brand's three models there. Scion, Toyota's youth-oriented brand, has so far sold about 200 computer-generated cars in Second Life, said Scion spokeswoman Allison Takahashi.

The key feature of Scion's Second Life Models is that they are fully customizable. Owners have added big off-road tires and wheels to the cars. To the Scion xB, a boxy van with a shape reminiscent of a toaster, one customizer added two giant slices of toast.

Automobiles are largely unnecessary as transportation in Second Life, a place where individuals can shift themselves almost instantly from place to place. But they excel as a form of self-expression, even more-so than real cars.
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