Who: Bambi Francisco, Columnist, MarketWatch

What: VOIP With Benefits Ipevo Free.1 Skype USB phone; $30; ipevo.com

Why: I love using VOIP to save money on phone calls, but I don't like being tethered to my computer via a clunky headset. I need all the functionality of a proper desk phone, which is why I use Ipevo's Skype phone -- it makes VOIP much more useful. I just plug the phone into the USB port of my computer and dial as if I'm using a regular handset. It's lightweight and comfortable, and it provides all the features I expect, such as speed dial, volume adjustment, and a mute button. The sound quality is great, and because the phone is so compact, it's easy to take with me on the road. An extra bonus: While many VOIP phones work only with PCs, Ipevo offers software that makes this one Mac-compatible.