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Advanced Customer Targeting provides flexible, cutting-edge targeting solutions that reach the right
customer at the optimal time.
Advanced customer targeting opportunities available on include:
Geo Targeting
Location-based ad banner targeting by country, international regions, US ZIP codes, time zones and DMA (Designated Marketing Areas). Geo targeting is ideal for market-specific campaigns, and can be used to time online marketing efforts with regional media campaigns such as TV and radio.
Target ad banners to visitors by time of day, based on typical online usage patterns. Reach active investors in the early morning as they scan the dayís market outlook or affluent consumers in the evenings as they manage their personal finances from home.
SIC Industry Sector
Target leaders and influencers from the industries that matter most for your business. This innovative targeting program allows marketers to reach visitors accessing the site from companies within a list of 99 SIC (Standard Industry Classification) Codes.
Based on a visitorís IP address, can target visitors accessing the site from specific corporations, government entities and educational institutions. Domain targeting is an exceptional way to build awareness or influence target business decision makers within target client companies.
Using industry leading segmentation tools from Claritas PRIZM, can target visitors by household composition, income, lifestyle preferences and behaviors based on survey data about their neighborhoods. This unique opportunity allows marketers to reach customers that live within defined targeting segments, including Young Digerati, Blue Blood Estates, Upper Crust, Beltway Boomers and Executive Suites.
Ticker Targeting
Target ads to specific ticker symbols. This is an effective way to reach active investors as they look up specific stock quotes or are researching specific companies.
Behavioral targeting identifies a visitorís interests based on his or her usage patterns on and allows marketers to target ad banners based on those interests. Reach consumers interested in small business issues beyond the confines of the Small Business channel. Launching in summer 2006.

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