New Face of Entrepreneurship

5:58am: Kelsey Falter was 22 when she launched a startup, raised millions of dollars and braved the immigration system to hire an undocumented immigrant. It took more than a year, but it worked. More
Jan 31: America is suffering from a brain drain. STEM students -- those studying science, tech, engineering and math -- are often forced to leave. More
Nov 16: An Israeli entrepreneur has created 15 jobs in San Francisco, yet the U.S. immigration system still places high hurdles for him to stay. More
Aug 13: Immigration officials were about to kick out Lauren Gray to Britain, a country she barely knows. But a U.S. senator stepped in and managed to get her a rare exception. Her experience could scare off foreigners who want to launch businesses in the United States. More
Aug 6: Obtaining a U.S. visa to start a business comes with a high cost. For one British couple, it offers no path to residency and may force their daughter to return to a country she barely knows. More
Jun 15: Following the Obama administration's move to halt deportations of young immigrants, companies say they'll give jobs to those with new legal status. More
Jun 5: Romney's embrace of hardline Republican views on undocumented immigrants has conservative Hispanic business owners feeling torn. They lean right on taxes and regulation, but some say hardline immigration policies violate their principles. More
May 29: Among American small business owners is a class of young, undocumented immigrant entrepreneurs. They run companies and seek a path to live in the U.S. legally. More
May 7: Long before Maribel Lieberman launched MarieBelle, a gourmet chocolate shop and factory in New York City, she was a little girl growing up in the jungles of Honduras. More
May 7: With Orinoco, a Mexican businessman with humble beginnings seeks to create opportunities in both the U.S. and back home. More
May 7: With Refundo, Roger Chinchilla and Grimaldy Dominguez have set out to empower their community through mobile banking. More
May 7: A Colombian fashion designer traveled to the United States to learn English and improve business back home. She stayed instead and launched Kanti Organics. More
May 7: What started as a joke between two cousins, dubbing American films with Cuban slang, has become a full-fledged video production company. More
May 7: Immigrant entrepreneurs: The face of America's small business owners is changing. If you're working for a new company, there's a 28% chance your boss wasn't born in the U.S. More