Made in USA

5:48am: 'Made in USA' labels are found on everything from clothing to cars to diapers. But companies must comply with complex regulations if they want to tout their American-made status. More
Sep 10: Job postings for skilled factory workers have surged 152% since 2009, an indication that domestic manufacturing is on a comeback. More
Sep 4: The work's more high-tech than manual labor, the pay's good and facilities are cleaner. So why aren't more women in manufacturing? More
Aug 8: Northeast Indiana's factories are cranking and hundreds of manufacturing jobs need to be filled quickly. But companies are having a hard time filling them. What's taking so long? More
Aug 1: LaCrasia Gloves has been making custom-made gloves in the Garment District for 35 years. But as technology and overseas production have reshaped the industry, the business doesn't know how to keep up. More
Jul 31: Many U.S. trade schools are seeing record enrollment in manufacturing-related programs as need for skilled factory workers explodes. More
Jul 23: Four Seasons Fashion Manufacturing saw orders slip away overseas nearly a decade ago. Now, business might be returning to America, but it's not clear that U.S. workers are up to the task. More
May 7: U.S. manufacturers, in the midst of a business boom, say banks aren't easily giving them the loans they need to ramp up production. More
Apr 11: Alabama is enjoying the best pickup in manufacturing activity and new factory jobs in five years. More
Mar 14: As demand for high-skilled workers spikes, some manufacturing trade schools are smashing records and boasting 100% job placement for students. More
Mar 5: U.S. manufacturers, frustrated by a shortage of skilled workers in America, are looking abroad to find them. More
Feb 27: American factories are desperate to add more skilled workers. But young Americans aren't as eager to join the blue collar workforce. More
Feb 23: As domestic production picks up, states such as Indiana, Utah and Idaho are speeding up recruiting efforts to bring in more manufacturers. More
Feb 16: As U.S. factories enjoy a pickup in business, and need to hire more people, many are facing a perplexing situation --a dearth of skilled manufacturing workers in America. More