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Next Little Thing 2010 Wireless electricity. Invisible speakers. A mind-reading headset. See what's coming in 2010. more

Coming this year ...
From the stage at DEMOfall to Massachusetts labs: A cross-country pursuit of the hottest new ideas from entrepreneurs. more
Where's my flying car?
For almost 80 years, aviation entrepreneurs have dreamed up winged automobiles. Here's why we're still grounded. more
Armor to guard $50,000 dogs
K9 Storm's canine armor and communication systems help keep working dogs safe on the front lines of wars and police actions. more
From beer sludge to fish flakes
Biologist Andrew Logan turns waste from breweries into food for farmed seafood. more
A cooler ice cooler
A lunch drenched by melted ice prompted entrepreneur Paul Lavallee to rethink the ice cooler. more
A cheaper way to scan for cancer
A conversation in a hotel lobby led to a cancer detection breakthrough. more
Where are they now?
One year on, we check back with last year's Next Little Thing picks. more