Dripping Springs, Texas
In a small town in Texas, a religious compound known as Barsana Dham attracts a loyal following.
I could be a prostitute... I'd rather be a nerd
A girl, Shyama, and her mother are devoted to The Guru.
One night, Shyama was alone with The Guru...
He took advantage of her. She was powerless.
Shyama found deception and abuse where she should have found protection.
But in the darkness, a glowing light showed her the way.
She became fixated on her computer and how it worked…what it could do.
She learned how to take it apart... and put it back together again.
It became her escape...
...her salvation
...and the source of her superpower.
The more she learned...
The stronger she grew.
Breaking down technology put Shyama back together.