It's a city in crisis but with potential for a big comeback. Despite an ailing auto industry and the highest jobless rate in the nation, Detroiters are determined to make their hometown thrive once again. For the next year, CNNMoney will focus on that challenge.

Detroit Video
Raising a family in Detroit

For the Reids, the city of Detroit remains a good place to raise a family, despite being one of the cities hardest hit by the recession.

Fixing Detroit's food crisis

Experts call Detroit a food desert as half the population struggles to find healthy groceries.

Detroit's toughness is its treasure

Christopher Ilitch explains why he thinks Detroit will be the biggest urban turnaround in U.S. history.

Sports: Building pride in Detroit

Christopher Ilitch, owner of the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings, discusses what sports mean to the city of Detroit.

Lithium auto battery plant revs up

The largest lithium ion automotive battery production facility in North America, owned by A123 Systems, opens in Livonia, Michigan.

Ford's all women auto design team

Five female chemical and mechanical engineers at Ford are designing the cars of the future with renewable materials.

Greening Detroit
PLAYGreening Detroit(2:55)Jun 30

One teen steps in to revitalize Detroit by helping to dig up and plant plants in abandoned lots.

Teaching economics to Detroit youth

Detroit National Teach-In empowers both the young and old by teaching them financial and business fundamentals.

Detroit to demolish neighborhoods

To help clean up Detroit, Mayor David Bing has a plan to tear down abandoned homes and ask those living nearby to move.

Detroit's small business allure

Entrepreneurs say they get the most out of their investments in the Motor City.

Detroit pride boosts small biz

Detroit small business owners say their employees want to make a difference and are there for the long haul.

Upside of doing business in Detroit

Detroit small business owners talk about the benefits of being a tech start-up in Detroit vs. in Silicon Valley.

Small biz key to Detroit's recovery

Detroit business owners believe they help the city's and the state's success by being successful themselves.

Charity buries Detroit's dead

With unclaimed deceased piling up at the morgue, personal donations help put them to rest.

Detroit's Greek Town: 'Surviving'

In Detroit, business owners in Greek Town sound off on the economy and how they are getting by.

Detroiters in exile
PLAYDetroiters in exile(3:34)Nov 13

A couple who moved to New York to find work were glad to have left, but yearn to return when their hometown recovers.

What Detroit start-ups need

Motor City offers entrepreneurs inexpensive real estate and skilled labor but access to capital is a challenge.

Learning to wear a suit

Detroit fashion designer William Malcolm runs a mentorship program that prepares young men for success in business.

'Beautiful' homes for under $20K

Great deals for real estate investors are available in Detroit, if you know where to look.

Math saves Detroit's youth

Despite school system woes, 90% of kids who attend Wayne State University's free math camp graduate from high school.

Detroit: Fashion City
PLAYDetroit: Fashion City(1:56)Oct 12

Organizers of the Fashion in Detroit show hope to attract garment manufacturers to Motor City.

Deals abound, but so does blight

Real estate professionals discuss the future of Detroit and what it means for the housing market.

Reforming Detroit's schools

Deputy Education Secretary Tony Miller says comprehensive reform of the Motor City?s public schools is needed.

Detroit residents turn to God

'God's reasoning I don't have a job' says as an attendee at the National Baptist Convention in Detroit.

Detroit's dead pile up

Personal struggles and inadequate funding mean many are forced to leave their loved ones unclaimed at the morgue.

Michael Moore's hometown woes

The filmmaker questions economic recovery for Detroit, but proposes ideas to help the Motor City.

Detroit's plan to help unemployed

Mayor Dave Bing says the city needs to cut red tape to encourage entrepreneurial growth, create jobs.

Detroit's abandonment issues

Swaths of Detroit have been left for dead. Mayor Dave Bing discusses what can be done with the land.

Detroit's bargain: 85-cent burgers

Despite hard times, the Telway Diner continues to prosper with low prices and quality service.

'I love and hate Detroit'

People of the embattled city sound off on the good and the bad when they answer one question: Why I love Detroit?

How to survive in Detroit

The people of Detroit share candid responses to one question: How do you survive in Detroit?

Kid Rock talks Detroit

The rock star opens up about his hometown, its corrupt politicians, and relationship with the auto industry.

Detroit biz: 'Weird' and 'good'

Entrepreneur prospers in 'confusing' surroundings: lattes on one corner, crack on the other.

Inside GM's fight for survival

General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson discusses the current state of the company and its bankruptcy.

Doggy day care beats recession

Despite the downturn, Detroit's 'Canine to Five' shows customers still spending on pets.

Can farming save Detroit?

Urban farms are popping up across sprawling Detroit and some kids are eating healthier as a result.

One-on-one with GM's CEO

General Motors' chief Fritz Henderson discusses the new strategy for the embattled automaker.

Detroit's housing baron

A California real estate investor is swooping up hundreds of homes in Detroit betting the city will rebound.

Hollywood helps Michigan jobless

Hollywood puts Michigan citizens back to work while taking advantage of the state's 42% tax break.

Mich. Gov: Media hard on Detroit

Governor Jennifer Granholm grades media coverage of Detroit and says automakers are the largest roadblock to recovery.

Detroit schools battle corruption

Governor Jennifer Granholm discusses how she'll fix Detroit's school system and eradicate its culture of corruption.

Mich. Gov: We're down, but not out

Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan responds to citizens' love-hate relationship with Detroit.

Kid Rock's Detroit
PLAYKid Rock's Detroit(3:34)Sep 23

As his home town continues to struggle, the rock-star says Detroit needs an angel.

Bring back Detroit
PLAYBring back Detroit(2:38)Sep 23

A lifelong Detroit resident says she wants to see her hometown return to what it once was.

Detroit schools face bankruptcy

Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb explains how the ailing school system is battling a $259 million deficit.

Auto families still believe

Three generations of Ford autoworkers continue to bet their livelihood on the future of the car company.

Going solo in the Motor City Dude driving Car
"That's what I need, help to start. I need someone to take me like a little baby and teach me." -JoAnne Wright
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