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Why the 2000s were so rotten

Fortune's Andy Serwer says the last decade was filled with scandals and mishaps caused by a deferral of responsibility.

Obama's half-time adjustments

Harold Ford, Jr., the former Tennessee congressman, suggests the president make some aggressive moves on taxes to jumpstart the economy.

Tough choice: Jobs or profits

Many profitable businesses are still reluctant to hire more workers despite lobbying for a comprehensive jobs bill from Congress.

Business hires, but not enough

Fortune editors say modest growth in private sector hiring did not offset the loss of temporary government jobs.

Banks still not lending

Fortune's Colin Barr says the slowing recovery and more bank failures mean many banks are reluctant to lend.

Death of the American consumer

Fortune's Andy Serwer says consumers can no longer be counted on to stimulate the economy.

College savings take a hit

Higher unemployment is one of the reasons why parents are saving less for college, Fortune's Colin Barr says.

Obama vs. the rich
PLAYObama vs. the rich(4:21)Aug 20

The Obama administration's plan to let the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire has left some top income earners on Wall Street angry.

Hurd and HP's stories conflict

The former HP CEO and the tech company have been leaking different accounts of Hurd's dismissal to the media, according to Fortune?s Andy Serwer.

U.S. sports slow to embrace globalism

Fortune's Andy Serwer says U.S. sports leagues lag behind their international counterparts in attracting foreign ownership.