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Why Mary Barra has never asked for a raise

The first female CEO of a major automaker explains her philosophy on climbing up the corporate ladder.

Watch how Mars makes M&M's

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Mars chocolate factory in Hackettstown, New Jersey and see how the colorful M&M's candies are made.

Natural gas: The next airline fuel?

Azul CEO David Neeleman says a process of creating jet fuel from natural gas could save airlines spending billions on gas.

Why travel is a tough business

From steamships to railroads to airlines, Azul CEO David Neeleman says the general trend in the business of moving people is going broke.

Why Jetblue founder launched Brazil's Azul

Former JetBlue CEO David Neeleman on why he chose the country of his birth for his new airline.

Why Brazil's airlines are taking off

Azul CEO David Neeleman has a sunny outlook for the country he chose for his post-JetBlue endeavor.

Unilever SVP's favorite brands

SVP of Marketing Marc Mathieu shares which of Unilever's myriad brands are the best and most successfully marketed.

From creating myths to sharing truth

Unilever SVP of Marketing Marc Mathieu says the digital age has shifted marketing from creating myths to finding and sharing truth.

Unilever: Marketing with empathy

Unilever SVP of Marketing Marc Mathieu says the key to successful marketing is knowing your consumer as a human being.

Unilever: How to market sustainability

As Unilever seeks to grow its business while reducing its footprint, SVP of Marketing Marc Mathieu must find a way to sell sustainability.