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Obama's small biz solar star fades

A small solar business, once the leading light of President Obama's green jobs program, is now caught in an international trade dispute.

Education stocks get gold star

Shares of Corinthian, Apollo and other for-profit colleges surge after the Department of Education issues new "gainful employment" rules.

GE locomotives go green

New technology allows the train's engine to capture the energy it now wastes, store it in a battery and use it for acceleration.

Mining sunshine
PLAYMining sunshine(3:24)Dec 15

California energy company BrightSource hopes to light half-a-million homes with solar power plants in the Mojave Desert.

Duke Energy bets on China

CEO Jim Rogers explains why Duke Energy is partnering with Chinese companies to create energy-efficient products.

Living with nuclear power

Bay City, Texas, residents speak about the opportunities and potential hazards of having a nuclear plant in their town.

Nuclear waste looks for a home

Spent fuel rods are piling up at temporary sites while the government debates where to store the waste long term.

NRG CEO: 'US needs nuclear'

David Crane explains how his company is working to build the first new nuclear power plants in the US in 30 years.

Driving with Bill Ford

The Ford chairman gives Fortune a ride in the 2010 Taurus and talks about the technology under the hood.

Planning Ford's gas-free future

Chairman Bill Ford sees hybrids as part of a long transition away from gas-powered cars.

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