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The worst apologies in business

Donald Sterling's apology to CNN's Anderson Cooper backfired. But he could have learned a lesson from these corporate leaders.

What's the trick to getting rich?

Investing in the next big thing? Saving every cent? People in Times Square sound off on their best strategies to get rich.

Kevin Durant: Turning MVP into money

He makes millions on and off the court. But his early Mother's Day gift? Priceless. Why sponsors are flocking to Kevin Durant.

The hardest part about buying a home

From getting financing to negotiating, New Yorkers give their two cents on the tricky world of buying a home.

In the market or under the mattress?

Financial planners say that you should put your money in the market to save for the future?but many people would rather keep it under their mattress.

How to ace a job interview

People on the streets of New York offer their best advice for shedding some of those pre-job interview jitters.

How to buy a great used car

These days, a used car can be a real bargain. According to Kelly Blue Book, used Kia Optimas, Nissan Jutes and plug-ins like the Chevy Volt are winners.

What's your dream home?

Your own personal island? A whirlpool? A safe haven for your children? New Yorkers describe their 'dream home.'

NFL star talks about performance reviews

You either love them or hate them, but employee performance reviews are common in most companies. We accidently ran into football star Leonard Marshall and he described for us his own performance review.

Road to wealth: Building your nest egg

Figure out how much money you need to retire and then plan your investments accordingly. It's not exactly that simple, but that's the key to building your nest egg.