Money & Main Street Videos
'Ma and pa shop' ahead of curve

The inner-workings of the Clock Shop of Vienna, whose consistency has proven profitable since 1973.

Shoe repair shines
PLAYShoe repair shines(1:41)Oct 14

The weak economy has led to a surge in business for a cobbler in Massachusetts.

Digging out of debt
PLAYDigging out of debt(2:14)Sep 23

CNN's Allan Chernoff reports on a businesswoman struggling to repay her heaping credit card debt.

Recession's impact at home

A Chicago family struggles with unemployment and cutting costs while remaining upbeat.

As jobless benefits run out

Many Americans are racing to find a job before their unemployment benefits expire.

Is love recession-proof?

George Mannes asks if the struggling economy is putting a strain on marriages.

$1 corn dogs beat recession

The Missouri State Fair showcases family fun at a cheap price.

'My personal recession isn't over'

Despite some improving economic indicators, many Americans believe hard times are far from over.

A delicious cash flow

Risking foreclosure, a homeowner makes ends meet by selling mortgage apple cakes.

Job offer scams
PLAYJob offer scams(1:24)Jul 13

Learn the signs to avoid schemes that prey on people looking to find work.