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Apple takes to the iCloud

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will launch iCloud, a new music and streaming service, as well as Apple's new Lion operating system.

Ballmer puts Microsoft in the spotlight

Microsoft CEO's slip on Windows 8 and a hedge fund manager's call for his ouster put the software giant in focus after Memorial Day.

LinkedIn's IPO wake
PLAYLinkedIn's IPO wake(1:24)May 20

As LinkedIn's stock surges, investors are looking beyond the next big IPO, chipmaker Freescale, to Facebook and Twitter.

Commodities roller coaster

Investors wait for new reports to see if oil demand continues to fall and if unemployment levels will be lower.

Google to tango with Samsung

The search giant and Korea's electronics behemoth will announce a partnership following the Google IO conference next week.

NYSE and Nasdaq: It ain't over yet

Merger talks may reheat between NYSE shareholders and the Nasdaq, despite the rival bid by Germany's Deutsche Boerse.

What will Buffett say this year?

All ears will be tuned to what Warren Buffett says about the economy and David Sokol at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting.

Lights, camera, Bernanke!

The Federal Reserve chairman is holding the first-ever press conference after an FOMC meeting. Don't expect any surprises though.

Netflix: Bigger than cable

The online movie rental service may soon have more subscribers than Comcast and Sirius XM, and the stock is up 43.5% this year.

Traders shocked by S&P's guts

Stock traders were surprised by S&P's U.S. outlook downgrade and say it's now up to lawmakers to tackle the debt problem.