Energy Fix Videos
Vancouver Olympics goes green

The Olympic committee's $1.8 billion budget includes medals made from recycled circuit boards and a sustainable skating ring.

New electric car on the block: BYD

Ambitious Chinese electric car maker BYD could be a surprise entrant in the U.S. market as soon as the end of this year.

The great electric car debate

Are pure, plug-in electric cars the way of the future? Automakers at the Detroit auto show have different opinions.

Tesla's faith in America

CEO Elon Musk is confident Americans will buy electric vehicles and thinks Tesla is setting an example.

Car insurance by the mile

A new approach has drivers paying based on how far they drive each month.

Chevy Volt: The test drive

We took Chevrolet's pre-production Volt for a spin and found a peppy, very quiet, and driveable car.

Green New Year's Eve in Times Square

When the ball drops at the stroke of midnight, less energy will be used thanks to LED bulbs.

The 'ugly' side of alternative energy

In places like the Mojave Desert, some fight to preserve the landscape and prevent the installation of solar panels.

FedEx's problem with Cap & Trade

CEO Fred Smith says the cost of taxing emissions will get passed on to customers, and that a lower corporate tax rate will create jobs.

Hybrids high-cost problem

It?s projected to cost $18,000 more to manufacture a plug-in hybrid than a regular car next year, according to one study.