Toyota's acceleration mystery lingers

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  • Dubai's Noon takes on Amazon 

    CNN spoke with Mohamed Alabbar, founder of Emaar Properties and Noon, about his plans to challenge Amazon in the Middle East.

  • Stelter: Trump cannot be trusted 

    "Trump's own lies and contradictions confirm that he cannot be trusted," Brian Stelter says. Putin cannot be trusted, either. So, Stelter asks, how will we know what happens at Monday's private meeting?

  • How the press should cover Trump-Putin summit 

    Presidents Trump and Putin cannot be trusted, Brian Stelter says. So how will we know what really happens when the two men meet? How should journalists best tackle the story? Carl Bernstein, Samantha Vinograd, and Jonathan Chait weigh in.

  • What should Facebook do about InfoWars? 

    Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter discuss "Facebook's InfoWars problem." The tech giant says it is committed to fighting misinformation, but Alex Jones' InfoWars website has a Facebook page with almost a million followers. Darcy says this controversy is about "right and wrong," not left and right.

  • Tony Schwartz on Trump's 'meltdown' 

    President Trump's "continuing meltdown" is on display during his European tour, according to Tony Schwartz, who ghost-wrote "The Art of the Deal" with Trump three decades ago. Schwartz, an outspoken critic of Trump, says "we are in a true emergency" that must be confronted. He also says Trump's repeated claim of "no collusion" is intentional, likening it to a "lullaby."

  • Uygur on the 'blue wave' and progressive media 

    The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, who champions progressive candidates, says mainstream news outlets give an "institutional advantage" to "the right wing that is fundamentally unfair."

  • Michelle Goldberg on Bill Shine's W.H. job 

    New York Times op-ed columnist Michelle Goldberg discusses Trump's hiring of Bill Shine, a former Fox News co-president who resigned last year amid allegations that he covered up sexual harassment by Roger Ailes. Shine has denied all wrongdoing. Nevertheless, Goldberg says the hiring is a revealing move by Trump.

  • Chicago says "so long Sears" on Sunday 

    It's headquarters rose above the Chicago skyline for decades and it was America's biggest retailer for even longer. Now Sears says so long to the city as Walmart and Amazon upstage the Catalog King.

  • What' politicians REALLY think about Donald Trump 

    Donald Trump leaves the UK and heads to Finland to meet Vladimir Putin. Former Finland Prime Minister Alex Stubb lets us into what is thought and said behind closed doors.