Behind-the-scenes with 'Happy Days'

Business News Videos
  • Meet the first civilian who will orbit the moon 

    Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first passenger in a SpaceX trip around the moon.

  • SpaceX to take billionaire on trip around the moon  

    SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire and founder of Zozotown -- Japan's largest online clothing retailer -- will be the first private customer to ride around the moon on the company's Big Falcon Rocket.

  • Billionaires love buying newspapers 

    From Buffett to Bezos, these billionaires are snapping up newspapers despite the fact the industry is struggling.

  • Lucid Motors CTO: We offer a luxury electric vehicle 

    Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund has invested more than $1 billion in Lucid Motors. CTO Peter Rawlinson explains how the Lucid Air stands out from other electric vehicles.

  • Trump's trick: He keeps repeating false info 

    "It's pretty astonishing," Washington Post fact-checker columnist Glenn Kessler says, now that Trump has uttered 5,000 false or misleading statements since inauguration day. "Even after it's been repeatedly fact checked as false, he continues to say these things," Kessler says. Brian Stelter asks if Kessler needs to add a fifth Pinocchio to his famous scale.

  • What's next for CBS and "60 Minutes?" 

    Janice Min discusses the exits of CBS CEO Les Moonves and "60 Minutes" boss Jeff Fager. She says the atmosphere at "60" was a "boys' club," and CBS News now has an opportunity to break with the past and make a meaningful change.

  • NYT called on carpet for curtains correction 

    Oliver Darcy and Amanda Carpenter join Brian Stelter to discuss the media lows and highs of the week, from The New York Times' highly misleading story about Nikki Haley and curtains, to the record-breaking sales for Bob Woodward's book.

  • Michael Avenatti: Fox host lost respect 

    Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti blasts Fox News' Tucker Carlson as "unprofessional" after his appearance on Carlson's show.

  • GOP voters dismissing 'blue wave' as 'fake news' 

    Brendan Nyhan and Amanda Carpenter react to reports that some GOP voters are dismissing the possibility of a midterm "blue wave" as "fake news." Republican strategists are worried that voters' rejection of poll results and media reports will depress turnout and help Democrats.