Home Depot battened down for Irene

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  • Land O'Lakes CEO: Raise your hand to be CEO 

    Beth Ford is the first female CEO of Land O'Lakes ? and the first openly gay female CEO in Fortune 500's list of largest US companies.

  • How Oettinger brewery keeps beer prices low 

    Oettinger is one Germany's best-selling beers in part due to their low prices - as low as 29 cents per half liter bottle. CNN visited their brewery to see how they keep costs down.

  • Amazon raises minimum wage to $15 an hour 

    Dave Clark, Amazon's SVP of Global Operations, tells CNN's Christine Romans that the minimum wage increase will "help us hire and retain the best people over the course of time."

  • Land O'Lakes CEO: Farmers need answers on trade 

    Land O'Lakes CEO Beth Ford explains why US farmers need more certainty from the Trump Administration around trade.

  • Couric on the 'male hierarchy' of TV news  

    Katie Couric reflects on her time at CBS News amid the CBS investigations into sexual misconduct. "The culture I found at '60 Minutes,' personally, was very challenging and, at times, quite offensive," she told Brian Stelter. Couric also speaks of the "male hierarchy" at various networks and says "you have to have more diverse voices at the top."

  • Katie Couric on Kavanaugh-Ford coverage 

    Katie Couric reflects on the Supreme Court battle and the questions that still remain. "Our understanding of sexual violence against women and the trauma, the lifelong trauma that ensues, has not progressed since I covered the Anita Hill hearings 27 years ago," she says.

  • One hearing, two realities for viewers  

    Susan Glasser and Jeff Greenfield join Brian Stelter to analyze the alternative universes where coverage of Brett Kavanaugh is being consumed. "Unfortunately, there's not a shared narrative about the facts," Glasser says.

  • Chobani CEO enlists companies to help refugees 

    Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya's "Tent Partnership for Refugees" challenges businesses to come up with innovative ways to help refugees around the world. He tells CNN's Cristina Alesci that he wanted to go "above and beyond the political landscape" in finding solutions to the global refugee crisis.

  • He said, she said and now the FBI will say 

    Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh delivered dramatic and contradictory testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.