How to heal health care

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  • How to heal health care 

    How to heal health care

    Don Berwick, the outgoing Medicare chief, discusses the biggest problems facing health care and how he thinks they can be fixed.

  • A powerful woman in a 'Mad Men' world 

    A powerful woman in a 'Mad Men' world

    Shelly Lazarus, chairman of Ogilvy and Mather, discusses how she succeeded in the male-dominated advertising industry.

  • Imagining Starbucks in 2020 

    Imagining Starbucks in 2020

    CEO Howard Schultz talks about the inspiration behind the coffee company and what it will be like in 10 years.

  • Cell phone inventor: 'I'm a dreamer' 

    Cell phone inventor: 'I'm a dreamer'

    Martin Cooper, creator of the first cell phone in 1973, envisions a future where cell phones keep us healthy by monitoring our bodies.

  • Harlem's educational Jedi 

    Harlem's educational Jedi

    Harlem Children's Zone president Geoffrey Canada says hiring better teachers and extending the school year will fix public education in our cities.

  • Robot for research 

    Robot for research

    Ali Velshi gets a hands-on demonstration with the Personal Robot II, a programmable robot created by Willow Garage.

  • Jay-Z: From street to boardroom 

    Jay-Z: From street to boardroom

    The 10-time Grammy winning recording artist says his business on the street taught him guiding principles for the business world.

  • Vanguard founder's inspiration 

    Vanguard founder's inspiration

    Father of index funds John Bogle says an article in Fortune magazine inspired him to become an investor.

  • Tony Hawk: Skateboarder at heart 

    Tony Hawk: Skateboarder at heart

    The skateboarding pioneer says he never expected to earn anything for his craft besides free gear and his face on a magazine.