Business of Green Video

  • Obama's small biz solar star fades 

    A small solar business, once the leading light of President Obama's green jobs program, is now caught in an international trade dispute.

  • Education stocks get gold star 

    Shares of Corinthian, Apollo and other for-profit colleges surge after the Department of Education issues new "gainful employment" rules.

  • GE locomotives go green 
    GE locomotives go green(2:47)Dec 23 2009

    New technology allows the train's engine to capture the energy it now wastes, store it in a battery and use it for acceleration.

  • Mining sunshine 
    Mining sunshine(3:24)Dec 15 2009

    California energy company BrightSource hopes to light half-a-million homes with solar power plants in the Mojave Desert.

  • Duke Energy bets on China 
    Duke Energy bets on China(03:49)Dec 2 2009

    CEO Jim Rogers explains why Duke Energy is partnering with Chinese companies to create energy-efficient products.

  • Living with nuclear power 
    Living with nuclear power(3:06)Nov 9 2009

    Bay City, Texas, residents speak about the opportunities and potential hazards of having a nuclear plant in their town.

  • Nuclear waste looks for a home 

    Spent fuel rods are piling up at temporary sites while the government debates where to store the waste long term.

  • NRG CEO: 'US needs nuclear' 
    NRG CEO: 'US needs nuclear'(4:36)Nov 2 2009

    David Crane explains how his company is working to build the first new nuclear power plants in the US in 30 years.

  • Driving with Bill Ford 
    Driving with Bill Ford(1:42)Jul 9 2009

    The Ford chairman gives Fortune a ride in the 2010 Taurus and talks about the technology under the hood.

  • Planning Ford's gas-free future 

    Chairman Bill Ford sees hybrids as part of a long transition away from gas-powered cars.

  • Ford: Consumers want green cars 

    The Ford chairman says higher gas prices and better quality hybrids have led to changes in buyer behavior.

  • Ford's government wish list 
    Ford's government wish list(4:33)Jul 1 2009

    The Ford chairman says the U.S. government needs to take steps to ensure fuel price stability.

  • Protecting from another Katrina 

    A $1.3 billion levee reconstruction project is underway to help save New Orleans from future flooding.

  • Office space goes green 
    Office space goes green(4:54)Jun 19 2009

    Rob Watson, founder of LEED Green Building Rating System, says how much of an impact going green can have.

  • T.Boone Pickens: $300 oil 
    T.Boone Pickens: $300 oil(4:36)Jun 16 2009

    The billionaire former oil man says U.S. must wean itself from dependence on foreign oil.

  • Google's green grid gambit 
    Google's green grid gambit(3:35)Jun 9 2009

    CEO Eric Schmidt says his company's software can help consumers track and reduce their power consumption.

  • Green toxic cleanups 
    Green toxic cleanups(3:45)May 27 2009

    After an environmental disaster, the clean-up process known as eco-remediation begins.

  • Green technologies of the future 

    Energy leaders share which earth friendly technologies excite them the most.

  • Soros comes clean on coal 
    Soros comes clean on coal(3:06)Apr 29 2009

    Billionaire investor says sometimes his firm's investments conflict with his personal views.

  • Obama's green jobs foreman 
    Obama's green jobs foreman(4:09)Apr 22 2009

    Van Jones is the president's point man on growing the green-collar job market.

  • The battle over 'clean coal' 
    The battle over 'clean coal'(4:16)Apr 15 2009

    Next generation coal plants keep the debate over emissions and environmental impact burning hot.

  • Ford plugs in electric cars 
    Ford plugs in electric cars(2:55)Apr 8 2009

    The race is on to build tomorrow's car and Detroit is planning not to finish second.

  • Motorcycle minus the noise 
    Motorcycle minus the noise(3:32)Apr 3 2009

    With electric motorcycles, the thrill of revving the engine could be a thing of the past.

  • An environmental odd couple 
    An environmental odd couple(2:48)Mar 25 2009

    KKR and Environmental Defense Fund team up to 'green' the buyout giant's portfolio companies.

  • Electric car closer to market 

    Aptera is promising its first electric vehicle sale in California by the end of 2009.

  • Garbage powers Windex plant 
    Garbage powers Windex plant(2:36)Mar 11 2009

    SC Johnson uses methane from a landfill for half the energy needs of its largest U.S. plant.

  • Shell's offshore priorities 
    Shell's offshore priorities(4:29)Mar 5 2009

    The oil company's president, Marvin Odum, talks about offshore expansion as a catalyst for job creation and energy independence.

  • State of green venture capital 

    If you need startup money to launch a business, it's a good time for your company to be focused on the environment.

  • Changing winds in turbine biz 

    Danish wind-turbine maker, Vestas, expands manufacturing in the U.S. in hopes of benefiting from the stimulus plan.

  • Building a greener battery 
    Building a greener battery(2:53)Mar 4 2009

    Rechargeable lithium ion batteries power most portable devices yet one startup is trying to charge in with a more recyclable option.

  • The future of hybrid cars 
    The future of hybrid cars(03:06)Mar 4 2009

    At the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota released the next version of its Prius but faces increased competition from Ford and Honda.

  • Electricity from hydrogen(2:42)Mar 4 2009

    Office buildings can generate power - on-site - with UTC Power's cleaner, cheaper and more efficient fuel cell.

  • Cashing in on recycling 
    Cashing in on recycling(2:29)Mar 4 2009

    With communities facing tough financial times, a recycling company uses incentives to get people filling up their blue bins.

  • E-car uses 19th c. technology 

    Inventor Dean Kamen is using technology from 1816 to extend the range of today's electric cars.

  • Keeping Xmas cards from the dump 

    Holiday cards may bring joy but pile up in landfills which the USPS and business hope to change.

  • Wind turbines for the city 
    Wind turbines for the city(2:33)Mar 4 2009

    With cities growing and greenhouse gases rising, one company's solution to the problem is the 'urban turbine'

  • Meet the new EPA 
    Meet the new EPA(2:37)Mar 4 2009

    The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency shares what green and business groups can expect under an Obama administration.

  • Green loans dry up 
    Green loans dry up(2:18)Mar 4 2009

    Investment in green businesses drops, posing a challenge to President Obama's mission to create more green-collar jobs.

  • Geothermal goes full steam ahead 

    New technological advances in geothermal energy are setting up this alternative energy source as a clean, anytime power provider.