Energy Fix Video

  • Vancouver Olympics goes green 

    The Olympic committee's $1.8 billion budget includes medals made from recycled circuit boards and a sustainable skating ring.

  • New electric car on the block: BYD 

    Ambitious Chinese electric car maker BYD could be a surprise entrant in the U.S. market as soon as the end of this year.

  • The great electric car debate 

    Are pure, plug-in electric cars the way of the future? Automakers at the Detroit auto show have different opinions.

  • Tesla's faith in America 

    CEO Elon Musk is confident Americans will buy electric vehicles and thinks Tesla is setting an example.

  • Car insurance by the mile 

    A new approach has drivers paying based on how far they drive each month.

  • Chevy Volt: The test drive 

    We took Chevrolet's pre-production Volt for a spin and found a peppy, very quiet, and driveable car.

  • Green New Year's Eve in Times Square 

    When the ball drops at the stroke of midnight, less energy will be used thanks to LED bulbs.

  • The 'ugly' side of alternative energy 

    In places like the Mojave Desert, some fight to preserve the landscape and prevent the installation of solar panels.

  • FedEx's problem with Cap & Trade 

    CEO Fred Smith says the cost of taxing emissions will get passed on to customers, and that a lower corporate tax rate will create jobs.

  • Hybrids high-cost problem 

    It?s projected to cost $18,000 more to manufacture a plug-in hybrid than a regular car next year, according to one study.

  • Spain leads in wind power 

    Don Quixote tilted at windmills long ago, but nowadays Spain sees modern windmills as economic and energy salvation.

  • Obama: insulation is sexy 

    The president is pushing for a tax incentive on home insulation upgrades, saying 'insulation is sexy stuff.'

  • Copenhagen: Let the lobbying begin 

    Lobbyists from a wide range of industries are trying to influence the outcomes of the environmental conference.

  • Obama must lead at Copenhagen 

    The president must show the U.S. is ready to enact environmental legislation if other countries are to follow suit.

  • Copenhagen goals 
    Copenhagen goals(3:46)Dec 7

    Climate talks begin in Copenhagen with the purpose of hashing out new global emission protocols.

  • Volvo Group's future in garbage 

    The truck maker is building a next-generation hybrid garbage truck to scour cities for rubbish.

  • Bridges made of plastic 

    Converting plastic bottles into raw building materials could take a lot of waste out of landfills.

  • Keep waiting for greener cars 

    Only 4% of automobiles may meet 2010 fuel efficiency standards; it will take 2-5 more years for real improvement.

  • Engineering climate change 

    If current solutions do not work, scientists have come up with more extreme ways to combat global warming.

  • Beauty products' slick ingredient 

    Oil-derived materials are found in many personal care products such as lotion, lipstick and sunblock.

  • Obama's 'secret' climate bill 

    The EPA is drafting its own climate bill for the administration - one it has the authority to enact without Congress.

  • $1,500 gold 
    $1,500 gold(4:59)Nov 9

    As the dollar weakens, some predict the precious metal could reach $1,500 on strong international demand.

  • Regulation: A delicate balance 

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., says we need to regulate carbon emissions, but cautions against too much.

  • From Lehman to green training 

    A former Lehman employee reinvented his career - helping others to get their green energy certificate.

  • Oil is self regulating 

    NYMEX traders do not see the need for regulatory reform of the oil market.

  • Winding up a wind farm 

    Wind Capital Group handles every step of the process - from negotiating for land to contracting the turbines to building the windmills.

  • Why oil is so high 
    Why oil is so high(1:19)Oct 30

    As oil hovers near $80 a barrel, many consumers do not understand what caused the recent rise in the price of crude.

  • Perfect climate for wind power 

    Both the weather and the political environment in the U.S. are aligned for Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas.

  • U.S.'s long term energy ambitions 

    Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, details the Obama administration's alternative energy policies.

  • Vestas blows through recession 

    The CEO of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer is investing heavily in the U.S. - the 'Saudi Arabia of wind.'

  • Upgrading the grid 
    Upgrading the grid(2:27)Oct 27

    The Obama administration is investing $3.4 billion in the nation's power grid.

  • Converting plastic to oil 

    Envion turns plastic products back into oil, which can be used in cars, trucks, and jets.

  • Energy Star label under scrutiny 

    A report by the Department of Energy inspector general says more independent testing is needed to prevent mislabeling.

  • 'Recovery through retrofit' 

    The Obama administration wants to make energy-efficient upgrades to homes easier to finance and cheaper.

  • Dollar still de facto for oil 

    Trading oil in another currency or basket of currencies would be a complex logistical nightmare.

  • Oil rises despite fundamentals 

    Oil is on a roll and the rally is expected to continue, pushing prices beyond $85.

  • Why Apple ditched the Chamber 

    Apple, Nike and PG&E have bailed out of the Chamber of Commerce to protest its global warming denials.

  • Heating costs drop 
    Heating costs drop(1:58)Oct 7

    The Energy Department reports this winter heating bills will be down about $960 a household.

  • Making oil from algae 

    Turning the carbon-eating organism into crude could conserve oil and lower carbon emissions.

  • PG&E wins with less consumption 

    The energy company says lower customer demand means better profits.

  • E-charging stations spread 

    ECOtality's CEO discusses building a nationwide charging-station network for e-cars.

  • PG&E breaks away 
    PG&E breaks away(5:12)Sep 25

    The utility's CEO explains leaving the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over its extreme position on climate change.

  • EPA issues new disclosure rules 

    Big polluters like large commercial animal farms will be required to publicly report their emissions.

  • Testing fluorescent bulbs 

    'Consumer Reports' reviews hundreds of compact fluorescent bulbs for lifetime and safety claims accuracy.

  • Mercedes rolls out hybrids 

    The luxury carmaker believes there is a market for a luxury green car in the U.S.

  • Buffett's electric car gamble 

    The Oracle of Omaha may increase his stake in BYD, the Chinese hybrid car maker.

  • BP strikes black gold 

    The oil giant says its new, deep-drilled well could hold more than 3 billion barrels of oil.

  • Shhh!  Electric cars racing 

    Battery-powered race cars are hitting the speedway and putting muscle cars to the test - silently.

  • The Volt will bolt on 230 mpg 

    GM announces that its Chevy electric car set to go on sale late 2010 will get an expected 230 mpg.

  • Can car batteries save Detroit? 

    The government gives Michigan carmakers grants to develop high-performance batteries.