Rules of Retirement Video

  • Keep working, even when you retire 

    People who take on meaningful projects and stay connected to work friends live longer and are happier in retirement.

  • $450,000 for your daily cup of joe 

    Saving money rather than spending it on a latte every day in your 20s turns into big bucks by your retirement.

  • Getting on track to retire on time 

    Are you saving enough to retire on time? Expert offers some helpful benchmarks.

  • Nearing 40? Invest like you're 20 

    As you reach middle age, you should remain aggressive in your retirement portfolio to ensure that you make enough to retire comfortably.

  • Target date funds 101 

    What you need to know to invest in a target-date retirement fund.

  • Growing your 401k 
    Growing your 401k(3:22)Dec 1

    Most people get higher returns investing in balanced funds rather than choosing their own asset allocation experts say.

  • Not saving enough to retire 

    Expert says most people don't save enough to comfortably retire, and many don't save at all.

  • Help!  My 401(k) was interrupted 

    An expert talks about strategies to continue contributing to your retirement plan even if you lost your job.

  • Why work beyond 62? 
    Why work beyond 62?(3:42)Nov 23

    There are many benefits to work a few extra years beyond retirement age, says expert.

  • Boomers unprepared for retirement 

    Retirement expert Alicia Munnell says most baby boomers are not adequately prepared for retirement.

  • Prevent retirement run-out 

    Living long into retirement can stress your funds. Here's how to be sure you don't feel the pinch.

  • Social Security's future 

    Retirement expert says fears about Social Security's outlook are unfounded and it's in good shape through at least 2041.

  • Home equity helps retirees 

    Reverse mortgages allow retirees to tap the equity in their homes for added income.

  • Tap home equity to save taxes 

    Retirees can cut taxes by borrowing against their homes rather than taking a distribution from their IRA, says expert Chris Cordero.

  • Inflation risk for retirees 

    Prices may fall in the short run, but a smart retirement plan accounts for future inflation, says expert Chris Cordero.

  • Retire later for bigger pay day 

    Delaying your retirement for a few years can lead to greater financial security, says retirement expert.

  • 'You're on your own' economy 

    As companies decrease retirement benefits and higher taxes loom, retirement expert offers tips on how to protect your savings.

  • Scary market? Stick with stocks 

    Even though stocks took a big hit in 2008, they are still your best bet in the long run, says retirement expert Chris Cordero.

  • Expert: Cut Medicare costs 

    A retirement expert says the government should focus on cutting costs before increasing coverage to the Medicare system.

  • Small mistakes can cost a lot 

    Many people make errors in their retirement planning that cost plenty in taxes, says expert Ed Slott.

  • 'Attractive' emerging markets 

    Despite losing half their value in 2008, emerging markets are well-priced and should rebound, says expert Chris Cordero.

  • Tap your 401(k) first 
    Tap your 401(k) first(4:11)Feb 26

    Retirees should considering moving money out of a 401(k) into a Roth IRA to avoid future tax hikes, says expert Ed Slott.