Techmate Video

  • Uphill battle for Google's iTunes clone 

    Google launched a new cloud-based music and video service Tuesday, but it may not be enough to compete with Apple's digital behemoth.

  • Tablets to PCs: RIP 
    Tablets to PCs: RIP(2:41)Mar 11

    As tablets and other mobile devices get more popular, the Techmate team wonders if it's a fad or the end of the PC.

  • iPad 2 first impressions 

    Fortune's Michael Copeland says the new iPad has enough features to keep it ahead of other tablets like the Motorola Xoom.

  • HP to Microsoft: BFF's or frenemies? 

    Hewlett-Packard's WebOS gives it flexibility to get away from Microsoft's Windows operating system on its products.

  • HP webOS takes on Apple, Microsoft 

    Hewlett-Packard unveils its upcoming webOS tablets and says the software will soon run on its PCs as well.

  • Why Netflix avoids new movies 

    The movie rental company has focused on cheaper, older films for its streaming catalog to keep costs down.

  • The best and worst of CES 

    Motorola's Atrix stole the show at CES this year, while T-Pain's mic and weight-loss body shakers left attendees going "huh?"

  • Apple tops Cisco in Xmas gift battle 

    In the battle for the hearts and minds of the Techmate crew this Christmas, Apple wins while Cisco's Umi flops.

  • MySpace concedes to Facebook 

    By partnering with Facebook, MySpace is outsourcing its social features to current champion of the social-Web.

  • Apple gets serious about TV 

    CEO Steve Jobs called Apple TV a hobby, but the Techmate guys think the revamped product could become a hit with consumers.

  • Apple's cure for 'iPod fatigue' 

    The Techmate guys discuss whether Apple's latest iPod offerings are enough to reverse declining sales of the portable music player.

  • Why Intel wants McAfee 

    The chipmaker looks to bolster its mobile footing by acquiring the security software company.

  • Google searches for growth 

    While still dominant in search, and gaining in mobile, Google's stock has been relatively flat for several years.

  • Microsoft's losing streak 

    The company cut its KIN touch-screen cell phone line weeks after its launch, and shutters its Bing cashback shopping program.

  • Battle of the eBook readers 

    Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble each feature eBook readers targeted to different types of consumers.

  • Intel: A mobile runt 
    Intel: A mobile runt(3:49)Jun 16

    The chipmaker has dominated the PC market for decades, but lags behind Apple, Nvidia and Qualcomm with its mobile processors.

  • Inside Microsoft's gadget lab 

    Your future office may have touch walls, motion-sensing computers and a desk made of touch screens.

  • Apple's new priority: mobile 

    Fortune's Jon Fortt and Philip Elmer-DeWitt discuss Apple's shift away from desktops to portable computing including the iPhone and iPad.

  • Looking for the iPad killer 

    Apple's competitors may release tablet computers this fall, but they will struggle to beat Apple's software and services.

  • Giants are most tech savvy MLB team 

    Between free WiFi at the ballpark, high-tech scouting and dynamic ticket pricing, the Giants are embracing technology.

  • Are we friends or colleagues? 

    As workers spend more time on Facebook and Linkedin, companies are developing social-networking services for the office.

  • Facebook CEO responds to privacy issue 

    Mark Zuckerberg defends his website's practices as he unveils new, simpler tools.

  • Microsoft's answer to the iPad 

    Steve Ballmer says his company's approach to tablets is based around Windows 7, not the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS.

  • Ballmer: Android isn't free 

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer explains why he thinks Google's mobile strategy is flawed.

  • Google TV: This will work - Really? 

    Intel CEO Paul Otellini and Logitech CEO Gerald Quindlen explain why they think Google's TV service will not repeat past web tv failures.

  • Google's vision of an open Web 

    The tech giant unveils a new open-source video codec and throws its support behind HTML5 at its Google I/O conference.

  • FTC to Google: Not so fast 

    Google's recent acquisition of mobile ad startup AdMob is drawing a lengthy review from the Federal Trade Commission.

  • Is Apple trying to kill Adobe? 

    Steve Jobs writes Adobe's Flash off as lame technology, unwelcome on Apple's iPhone and iPad.

  • Blackberry: Innovate or die! 

    Apple's iPhone and a stable of phones running Google's Android OS may threaten the survival of the Blackberry.

  • Top 6 gadgets we wish were leaked 

    The recently found iPhone prototype spurred Fortune's Michael Copeland to ruminate on what tech gizmos he'd like to find at a bar.

  • Zynga CEO: Facebook takes on Google 

    Mark Pincus, CEO of social-gaming startup Zynga, says Facebook's approach to the Web puts it up against Google.

  • Facebook: The social Google? 

    In its quest for Internet dominance, Facebook unveils new tools that make it easier for users to 'like' everything.

  • Apple crushes Wall St. expectations 

    Fortune's Michael Copeland expects Apple's good earnings run to continue with strong iPad sales and a new iPhone on the horizon.

  • Top tech companies 5 years from now 

    Now that 2010's Fortune 500 list is out, Techmate debates which companies are likely to rise or fall on the list in 2015.

  • New iPhone OS is ad friendly 

    Apple's new iPhone operating system has multitasking capabilities and potentially lucrative in-app advertising.

  • Pandora's new iPad app 

    Pandora founder, Tim Westergren, shows off his new app and discusses why the iPad will bring his company a new audience.

  • iPad searches for a use 

    Apple loyalists are clamoring for their iPads, but it's unclear how normal users will take to the tablet.

  • Google vs. Apple = open vs. closed 

    Both software platforms foster innovation, but in a different way.

  • LinkedIn wants you 
    LinkedIn wants you(4:42)Mar 25

    CEO Jeff Weiner says his online network is targeting half-a-billion professionals.

  • Will Google leave China? 

    The Techmate crew debates whether the search giant will pull out over China censorship, spying and hacking concerns.

  • iPad presale: So what? 

    Techmate tackles Apple iPad pre-orders, Cisco's new router hype, and how Pink Floyd may change digital music.

  • Online video saves business big bucks 

    Web-conferencing software and cheap digital video cameras are reducing the need for costly business travel.

  • Is Dell salvageable? 
    Is Dell salvageable?(3:51)Feb 23

    Computer maker's shares fall more than 5% after the company reports a drop in fiscal fourth-quarter earnings.

  • Google, stop trying to be my friend! 

    The Techmate guys are not fans of Google Buzz, the search company's latest foray into social networking.

  • Everyone vs. Apple 
    Everyone vs. Apple(3:09)Feb 15

    The Techmate guys discuss phone makers latest plans to try and knock out the iPhone plus the ongoing mess at MySpace.

  • Who's going to buy an iPad? 

    The Techmate guys break down what Apple's newest gadget and ponder who the target market is for the iPad.

  • Hands on with the iPad 
    Hands on with the iPad(05:29)Jan 27

    Fortune's Jon Fortt and Philip Elmer-DeWitt discuss whether Apple's tablet was worth the wait.

  • Tablets: who needs 'em? 

    The internet is abuzz with rumors of Apple's tablet, but will tablets live up to the hype?

  • US says smartphones are data-hogs 

    FCC chief says the popular devices use fifty times more wireless spectrum than older phones.

  • Palm hopes for market 'hotspot' 

    New features on the company's upcoming smartphones allow the handsets to function as wireless broadband routers.