Tech Transformation Video

  • An app store for textbooks 

    San Francisco based startup Inkling has launched an iPad app to bring interactive textbooks to the tablet computer.

  • Adidas' controversial World Cup ball 

    Director of Soccer Antonio Zea talks about the technology behind the design of the 2010 World Cup soccer ball.

  • Pond water to drinking water 

    Miox can scale its water-purification system from a handheld device up to industrial and municipal use.

  • Workday replaces your HR department 

    Cloud computing startup Workday is trying to convince big companies to adopt its payroll and workforce-management tools.

  • Extra! Extra! One newspaper prospers! 

    The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette protects its circulation by charging for online content.

  • Cisco's vision of the future 

    An Internet-based virtual assistant and a tabletop touch screen are two projects the tech giant is working on.

  • High-end Starbucks brew 

    The coffeehouse chain tries to filter out competition by selling upscale drip coffee.

  • Second-hand iron 
    Second-hand iron(3:14)May 19

    Minnesotan company extracts commercially viable iron concentrate from mining waste.

  • Backpacks without back pain 

    Jansport's new line of bags touts straps and back panels that are softer on the body.

  • Mondavi 2.0 
    Mondavi 2.0(2:20)Apr 22

    The Napa Valley winery is using web-based sensors to track the temperature of its wine.

  • 3D oilfield 
    3D oilfield(2:13)Apr 9

    Chevron uses computer modeling to track work crews at its Kern River Field in Bakersfield, Ca.

  • High-tech bean counters 

    The Jelly Belly Candy Company's new robotic system helps cut costs for the independent candymaker.

  • Health care 2.0 
    Health care 2.0(2:40)Mar 12

    Caritas Christi Health Care invests $70 million in IT to lower patient costs.

  • Under Armour's high-tech shoes 

    The athletic apparel company is counting on its design software to give it an edge in the crowded running shoe sector.

  • Not your father's big-rig 

    Kirkland, Wash. based Kenworth is using supercomputers to increase their trucks' fuel efficiency.