Small Biz Tips Videos
Veterans flex muscles in moving company

Need a strong guy to move your stuff? Veterans work together to create a moving company in New York City.

Sexy shoe shines land on Wall Street

Star Shine NYC in lower Manhattan features a staff of scantily clad women, flat-screen TVs and - soon - a liquor license.

Insurance exec finds a spicier career

When her job was eliminated in a corporate shuffle, weekend chef Jill Foucré decided to open a cooking school.

Prom too expensive? Get a dress for free

Operation Prom collects new and barely used dresses to give away to low-income families that are squeezed during prom season.

How Sam Adams maker helps small business

Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch visits the NYSE to discuss 'Brewing the American Dream,' a program that provides loans and coaching for small businesses.

How a U.S. shoemaker stays competitive

Okabashi Brands was founded in the 1980s when U.S. manufacturing was shrinking. But thanks to automation, a U.S. workforce, and recycling methods, Okabashi is a success story.

How a fourth-generation gunsmith survives

Larry DelGrego and his family have been fixing and refurbishing Parker shotguns for four generations.

Kickstarter grandma ready to launch

89-year old Pearl Malkin launches a business making her own line of decorated "Happy Canes" and uses Kickstarter to raise $3,500.

How Europe's economy hits U.S.-made guitars

When things go wrong in Europe, American companies feel the pain. Here's how it affects Paul Reed Smith guitars.

Old school bookstore thrives in NYC

The Strand Bookstore in New York has held on for over 80 years despite the changing city around it.