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  • Robo-pharmacy 


    Healthcare giant McKesson uses robots to make filling prescriptions faster and more reliable.

  • HD live on the Web 

    HD live on the Web

    Calif.-based BitGravity brings HD streaming online for a fraction of the traditional cost.

  • Book please, hold the paper 

    Book please, hold the paper

    Cambridge, Mass.-based E-Ink makes the screen technology used in most of today's e-books.

  • Headphones for the gnarly 

    Headphones for the gnarly

    Park City, Utah-based startup Skullcandy is gaining steam by designing headphones that are both flashy and functional.

  • Become a published author 

    Become a published author

    The San Francisco-based startup Scribd makes putting your writings online a snap.

  • HDTV without the cables 

    HDTV without the cables

    Sunnyvale-based startup SiBeam makes sending HD material to your TV wireless.

  • Internet on any screen 

    Internet on any screen

    Startup Chumby is trying to add a customized internet service to any digital display - from digital photo frames to your television.

  • Disconnecting your phone bill 

    Disconnecting your phone bill

    California-based Ooma offers its subscribers unlimited domestic calls and may soon provide a variety of data services too.