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TickerPrice1 month
% Change
UBPIX ProFunds UltraLatin America Inv24.81+45.35%Trading-Leveraged Equity
UBPSX ProFunds UltraLatin America Svc24.21+45.18%Trading-Leveraged Equity
DXZLX Direxion Mthly Latin America Bull 2X Inv13.11+40.98%Trading-Leveraged Equity
UUPIX ProFunds UltraEmerging Markets Inv7.28+27.75%Trading-Leveraged Equity
UUPSX ProFunds UltraEmerging Markets Svc6.90+27.70%Trading-Leveraged Equity
RYWTX Rydex Emerging Markets 2X Strategy A45.88+27.64%Trading-Leveraged Equity
RYWVX Rydex Emerging Markets 2X Strategy H45.93+27.64%Trading-Leveraged Equity
RYWUX Rydex Emerging Markets 2X Strategy C44.59+27.59%Trading-Leveraged Equity
DXELX Direxion Mthly Emerg Mkts Bull 2X31.80+25.88%Trading-Leveraged Equity
DXHLX Direxion Mthly China Bull 2X Inv27.62+22.88%Trading-Leveraged Equity
DXCLX Direxion Mthly Natural Resources Bull 2X32.48+22.34%Trading-Leveraged Commodities
SCMLX Schneider Value18.45+20.20%Large Value
ALESX Aberdeen Latin American Equity Instl Svc6.35+19.72%Latin America Stock
ALIEX Aberdeen Latin American Equity Instl6.35+19.72%Latin America Stock
AVFAX Aegis Value A14.91+19.65%Small Value
AVALX Aegis Value14.98+19.55%Small Value
ALEAX Aberdeen Latin American Equity A6.34+19.51%Latin America Stock
ALREX Aberdeen Latin American Equity R6.33+19.51%Latin America Stock
ALECX Aberdeen Latin American Equity C6.31+19.35%Latin America Stock
RSNYX RS Global Natural Resources Y21.46+18.96%Natural Resources
RGNCX RS Global Natural Resources C19.23+18.93%Natural Resources
RSNRX RS Global Natural Resources A20.82+18.93%Natural Resources
RSNKX RS Global Natural Resources K19.90+18.87%Natural Resources
SLAFX Deutsche Latin America Equity S19.89+18.72%Latin America Stock
SLARX Deutsche Latin America Equity Instl19.89+18.72%Latin America Stock
SLANX Deutsche Latin America Equity A19.91+18.70%Latin America Stock
DAVAX Footprints Discover Value A6.76+18.65%Small Value
SLAPX Deutsche Latin America Equity C18.84+18.61%Latin America Stock
PRLAX T. Rowe Price Latin America18.98+18.47%Latin America Stock
FSNGX Fidelity® Select Natural Gas24.41+18.45%Equity Energy
TNPTX Tortoise North American Engy Indep Inv7.92+18.06%Equity Energy
TNPCX Tortoise North American Engy Indep C7.74+17.94%Equity Energy
BDEIX Bradesco Latin American Equity Instl7.30+17.92%Latin America Stock
TNPIX Tortoise North American Engy Indep Instl7.99+17.91%Equity Energy
BDERX Bradesco Latin American Equity Retail7.27+17.81%Latin America Stock
PEFFX PIMCO RAE Fundamental PLUS EMG A8.25+17.75%Diversified Emerging Markets
PEFIX PIMCO RAE Fundamental PLUS EMG Inst8.33+17.74%Diversified Emerging Markets
PEFPX PIMCO RAE Fundamental PLUS EMG P8.33+17.74%Diversified Emerging Markets
PEFDX PIMCO RAE Fundamental PLUS EMG D8.22+17.68%Diversified Emerging Markets
PEFCX PIMCO RAE Fundamental PLUS EMG C8.07+17.67%Diversified Emerging Markets
PEFAX PIMCO RAE Fundamental PLUS EMG Adm8.25+17.60%Diversified Emerging Markets
SCMVX Schneider Small Cap Value11.65+17.39%Small Value
UMPIX ProFunds UltraMid Cap Inv86.06+17.24%Trading-Leveraged Equity
UMPSX ProFunds UltraMid Cap Svc73.79+17.14%Trading-Leveraged Equity
UGPSX ProFunds UltraChina Service9.14+16.95%Trading-Leveraged Equity
UGPIX ProFunds UltraChina Inv9.91+16.85%Trading-Leveraged Equity
SFENX Schwab Fdmtl Emerg Mkts Lg Co Idx6.99+16.78%Diversified Emerging Markets
DRFMX Dreyfus Emerging Markets A8.22+16.57%Diversified Emerging Markets
DRPEX Dreyfus Emerging Markets I8.44+16.55%Diversified Emerging Markets
DYPEX Dreyfus Emerging Markets Y8.24+16.55%Diversified Emerging Markets
Data as of 04/28/2016