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TickerPrice1 month
% Change
OGIIX Oppenheimer Global Opportunities I55.42+9.45%World Stock
OGIYX Oppenheimer Global Opportunities Y55.27+9.43%World Stock
OPGIX Oppenheimer Global Opportunities A54.75+9.42%World Stock
OGINX Oppenheimer Global Opportunities R52.83+9.40%World Stock
OGGIX Oppenheimer Global Opportunities B48.75+9.37%World Stock
OGICX Oppenheimer Global Opportunities C48.82+9.36%World Stock
WAINX Wasatch Emerging India Investor3.96+7.92%India Equity
WIINX Wasatch Emerging India Institutional3.97+7.87%India Equity
MSAUX Morgan Stanley Inst Asia Opp A12.06+7.30%Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
MSAWX Morgan Stanley Inst Asia Opp C12.04+7.30%Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
MSAQX Morgan Stanley Inst Asia Opp I12.08+7.28%Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
MSAYX Morgan Stanley Inst Asia Opp IS12.08+7.28%Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
DXELX Direxion Mthly Emerg Mkts Bull 2X42.91+7.10%Trading--Leveraged Equity
FINGX Franklin India Growth A14.83+6.99%India Equity
FIGZX Franklin India Growth Adv15.17+6.98%India Equity
FINDX Franklin India Growth C13.94+6.95%India Equity
UPUPX Upright Growth11.89+6.93%Technology
MIDNX Matthews India Instl30.84+6.89%India Equity
INDIX ALPS|Kotak India Growth I13.95+6.86%India Equity
INDAX ALPS|Kotak India Growth A13.64+6.85%India Equity
MINDX Matthews India Investor30.68+6.85%India Equity
INFCX ALPS|Kotak India Growth C13.08+6.71%India Equity
MIEMX BMO LGM Emerging Markets Equity I14.72+6.41%Diversified Emerging Mkts
TSPTX Transamerica Small Cap Growth I36.73+6.40%Small Growth
BAEMX BMO LGM Emerging Markets Equity A14.70+6.34%Diversified Emerging Mkts
PWJQX Prudential Jennison International Opps Q14.10+6.26%Foreign Large Growth
PWJZX Prudential Jennison International Opps Z14.10+6.26%Foreign Large Growth
PWJAX Prudential Jennison International Opps A13.96+6.24%Foreign Large Growth
MIOIX Morgan Stanley Inst International Opp I18.22+6.23%Foreign Large Growth
MNOPX Morgan Stanley Inst International Opp IS18.23+6.23%Foreign Large Growth
SEMFX Scout Emerging Markets11.07+6.21%Diversified Emerging Mkts
UNPSX ProFunds Ultra International Svc13.96+6.20%Trading--Leveraged Equity
MIOLX Morgan Stanley Inst International Opp L17.61+6.19%Foreign Large Growth
UNPIX ProFunds Ultra International Inv15.28+6.18%Trading--Leveraged Equity
MIOPX Morgan Stanley Inst International Opp A18.03+6.17%Foreign Large Growth
MSEMX Morgan Stanley Inst EMkts Sm Cp I11.42+6.17%Diversified Emerging Mkts
MSETX Morgan Stanley Inst EMkts Sm Cp IS11.42+6.17%Diversified Emerging Mkts
PWJCX Prudential Jennison International Opps C13.47+6.13%Foreign Large Growth
MSOCX Morgan Stanley Inst International Opp C17.49+6.10%Foreign Large Growth
MSESX Morgan Stanley Inst EMkts Sm Cp C11.36+6.10%Diversified Emerging Mkts
MSEOX Morgan Stanley Inst EMkts Sm Cp A11.41+6.08%Diversified Emerging Mkts
EGIIX Eaton Vance Greater India I33.12+6.05%India Equity
MRPAX Measured Risk Strategy A11.97+6.05%Long-Short Equity
MRPIX Measured Risk Strategy I11.98+6.05%Long-Short Equity
TRERX TIAA-CREF International Eq Retire12.19+6.04%Foreign Large Growth
ETGIX Eaton Vance Greater India A32.51+6.03%India Equity
ECGIX Eaton Vance Greater India C28.39+6.00%India Equity
TINFX Thornburg International Growth R521.78+5.98%Foreign Small/Mid Growth
EMGIX Eaton Vance Greater India B28.47+5.98%India Equity
TREPX TIAA-CREF International Eq Premier11.75+5.98%Foreign Large Growth
Data as of 04/26/2017