Trump tweets and the TV news stories behind them

President Donald Trump is poised to go down as both the most voracious tweeter and most passionate cable news consumer to ever reside in the White House. Since his stunning upset in November, Trump’s preoccupation with each has seemingly intensified.

Whether from Trump Tower, his resort at Mar-a-Lago, or the White House Trump has reportedly spent a significant amount of time glued to the television screen, often firing out a response in nearly real-time to his millions of followers on Twitter.

Below, a running tally of each instance since Election Day in which the president’s tweet appears to have been prompted by something he had just seen on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN or another channel.


"The Lead" (CNN), 4:31 PM

CNN's Jake Tapper and Manu Raju discussed the state of play in Georgia's sixth congressional district, where a closely contested special election was underway. Tapper noted that the Democrat in the race, Jon Ossoff, has "faced tough questions" due to the fact that he lives outside the district. Seven minutes later, Trump said on Twitter that he had "just learned" about Ossoff's controversial place of residence.

Trump, 7 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 7:17 AM

The conservative author Michael Knowles appeared on “Fox & Friends” to promote his book, “Reasons to Vote for Democrats” -- a joke title; the book has 200 blank pages and very few words. Co-host Brian Kilmeade had a good laugh about it before inviting Knowles to praise Trump. “Do you think when it comes to foreign policy, the last eight years are being exposed right now?” Kilmeade asked. “It is unbelievable,” Knowles replied, “how within the first 100 days of this presidency, we have exposed the total failure of the last eight years of foreign policy.” Less than an hour later, Trump reciprocated through Twitter, paraphrasing Knowles and plugging the empty book.

Trump, 50 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 8:02 AM

Fox News correspondent Adam Housley appeared on "Fox & Friends" just after 8 to discuss his reporting on alleged unmasking of Trump officials. “We know that there was this: There was electronic surveillance of Trump and the people close to Donald Trump, including some supporters, for up to a year before inauguration," Housley said. "That information was disseminated, we’re told, through NSA channels. It’s unprecedented, I’m told, the way this was done.” A little under an hour later, Trump quoted Housley, nearly verbatim.

Trump, 49 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 6:06 AM

At 6:06 a.m., the hosts of "Fox & Friends" noted that the mainstream media had given "zero coverage" to a Fox News report claiming that a high-level U.S. intelligence official had unmasked, exposed, the names of Trump campaign associates in intelligence reports. A little less than 10 minutes later, Trump praised the "amazing reporting on unmasking," which he called the "real story."

Trump, 9 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 7:12 AM

Shortly after 7 a.m., "Fox & Friends" teased an interview with author Peter Schweizer, who would, co-host Steve Doocy promised, "blow the lid off" the story about alleged ties between the Russian government and former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Four minutes later, just before Doocy's interview with Schweizer began, Trump urged his followers to tune in.

Trump, 4 minutes later


"New Day" (CNN), 8:05 AM

CNN correspondent Joe Johns referred to the most recent Gallup survey, saying “there’s a new poll out suggesting the president’s approval numbers have sunk to a new low, a historic new low in fact.” Although Johns didn't specify the pollster behind the numbers, Trump tweeted 20 minutes later that he "heard Fake News CNN is doing polls again."

Trump, 30 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 6:09 AM

Looking ahead to a congressional hearing on alleged Russian interference in the election, "Fox & Friends" co-host Steve Doocy noted that former director of national intelligence James Clapper “said there was no evidence of collusion” between the Russian government and Trump. "It looks like that story could actually be put to bed later today," Doocy said. A little more than 25 minutes later, Trump echoed that point in a series of tweets, including one dismissing "the Russian story" as "FAKE NEWS" peddled by Democrats and one referring to Clapper.

Trump, 26 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 6:39 AM

Not long after 6:30 a.m., co-host Abby Huntsman told Fox viewers about "Snoop Dogg's disgusting attack on President Trump." The rapper had caused a stir with a music video showing him carrying out the mock execution of a clown dressed like Trump. Huntsman said the video had sparked "nationwide outrage” and drawn "the attention of the Secret Service." A little more than 20 minutes later, Trump tweeted his own observation, suggesting there would be more "outcry" if Snoop Dogg "had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama."

Trump, 23 minutes later


"Squawk Box" (CNBC), 6:52 AM

CNBC aired an interview shortly before 7 a.m. with LinkedIn executive editor Dan Roth, who detailed a report that measures monthly employment trends based on statistics from the site. Roth said the current pace of hiring is the strongest since the summer of 2015. Nearly 20 minutes later, Trump tweeted the same data point from the study.

Trump, 19 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 8:08 AM

Trump responded to a "Fox & Friends" interview with Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham, who lamented that the GOP's Obamacare replacement bill didn't improve competition across state lines. "Don't worry," Trump tweeted, seemingly at Ingraham, "getting rid of state lines, which will promote competition, will be in phase 2 & 3 of healthcare rollout."

Trump, 33 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 8:03 AM

Trump tweeted that Russia "ran over" Obama, who he called "weak." Only ten minutes before that tweet, "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade said that Russia "ran right over" Obama for eight years. Trump once again tagged "Fox & Friends" in the tweet.

Trump, 10 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 7:04 AM

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney appeared on the program shortly after 7 am to promote the Republicans' bill to replace Obamacare, which he said was not really "affordable care" but instead "affordable coverage." Trump did his part to promote the GOP's "wonderful new" bill -- while also lashing out at Obamacare -- with a tweet less than 10 minutes later.

Trump, 9 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 6:13 AM

Shortly after "Fox & Friends" flashed a graphic claiming that 122 former detainees at Guantanamo had "re-engaged in terrorism," Trump tweeted out the same figure, wrongly pinning the blame on former President Obama for the recidivism. Trump's tweet, which came about a half-hour after Fox promoted the graphic on Twitter, ignored that 113 out of the 122 detainees who re-engaged in terrorism were actually released by former President George W. Bush -- not Obama. The Fox & Friends segment, notably, did not claim that Obama released the detainees.

Trump, 51 minutes later


"Fox & Friends Sunday" (Fox News), 6:26 AM

Reporting from a pro-Trump rally, a Fox News correspondent asked one supporter, "Who was it who said, ‘Tell Vladimir that after the election I'll have more flexibility?'" The correspondent was talking about a comment President Obama made in March 2012, talking to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and referring to a U.S.-led NATO missile defense system, that was picked up on a hot mic. It appeared in a Trump tweet less than 15 minutes after it aired on Fox News. As with other tweets, Trump tagged "Fox & Friends."

Trump, 14 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 6:37 AM

"Fox & Friends" conducted an interview with Nick Adams, the author of the book "Green Card Warrior." At the outset of the discussion, co-host Steve Doocy asked Adams about Trump's push to move toward a "merit-based" immigration system. "Steve, that's a brilliant idea," Adams replied. "That's exactly what needs to happen." About 20 minutes after the interview ended, Trump promoted the book on Twitter (and even tagged "Fox & Friends" for good measure).

Trump, 23 minutes later


"New Day Sunday" (CNN), 6:32 AM

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter discussed a New York Times TV advertisement with “New Day” anchor Victor Blackwell. The ad, which is about the importance of truth, is the Times’ first TV spot in seven years. About 10 minutes after the segment, Trump called the ad “a bad one” meant to save the Times’ “failing reputation."

Trump, 10 minutes later


"Fox & Friends Saturday" (Fox News), 7:36 AM

Businessman and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain lamented that he hadn't heard "anybody talk about" a particular data point out of Trump's first month in office. "Did you know that the national debt in President Trump's first month went down $12 billion?" Cain said. "In the 44th president's first month, it went up $200 billion." A little more than 40 minutes later, Trump cited the same figures, which he said the media had overlooked.

Trump, 43 minutes later


"Fox & Friends Sunday" (Fox News), 6:24 AM

Fox anchor Abby Huntsman cited State Department figures showing that 72% of refugees to be admitted into the United States from February 3-11 came from the seven countries affected by Trump’s immigration ban. About a half-hour later, Trump tweeted the same statistics.

Trump, 31 minutes later


"Morning Joe" (MSNBC), 8:03 AM

The hosts of "Morning Joe" read an excerpt from a blog post published on Lawfare, which cited a statute that perhaps gave legal cover to Trump’s immigration order. Moments later, Trump quoted the very same excerpt in a tweet.

Trump, 12 minutes later


"New Day" (CNN), 8:05 AM

CNN's Chris Cuomo interviewed Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who had said the previous day that Judge Neil Gorsuch, Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, had expressed misgivings with the president's public attacks on a federal judge. Prior to the interview, Trump tweeted that Blumenthal had mischaracterized Gorsuch's remarks -- despite the fact that a Gorsuch spokesperson confirmed them -- and also mocked the senator for lying about his Vietnam War service years ago.

Trump, 14 minutes later


"New Day" (CNN), 6:56 AM

A discussion on "New Day" touched on the previous weekend's edition of SNL, including one sketch that portrayed White House chief strategist Steve Bannon as the de facto president. "This image of Bannon pulling his strings has got to hurt because he knows it's widely believed," said anchor Chris Cuomo. CNN's senior media correspondent Brian Stelter, appearing on the same panel, noted that Trump had thus far "declined to tweet about it."

Trump, 11 minutes later


"New Day" (CNN), 6:30 AM

CNN revealed the findings of its latest poll, which showed that Trump's approval rating of 44% lagged well behind past presidents. Trump took to Twitter a half-hour later to denounce “[a]ny negative polls” as “fake news.”

Trump, 31 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 6:04 AM

A protest at the University of California-Berkeley was the topic of conversation on "Fox & Friends" this morning, with the hosts noting that some demonstrators had thrown rocks at cops. The protest led to the cancellation of a planned event featuring right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. "Here's what's troubling," said host Steve Doocy. "Berkeley was the home of the free speech movement in the 1960s, and last night there was no free speech. A betrayal of Berkeley's colorful history."

Trump, 9 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 6:10 AM

The hosts of Fox News Channel's morning show mocked the technical malfunctions that occurred the night before at a protest held by Democratic leaders, where Nancy Pelosi struggled to be heard due to a faulty microphone. "If you want to know how not to have an event," said co-host Steve Doocy, "this is it."

Trump, 11 minutes later


"New Day" (CNN), 7:16 AM

Conservative activist Gregg Phillips was interviewed by CNN's Chris Cuomo about his unfounded claim that millions of illegal votes were cast. Phillips offered no evidence to support his assertion, but Trump – tweeting about an hour later – said he was eager to see the final results.

Trump, 56 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 5:50 AM

Fox News anchor Abby Huntsman reported on an editorial by Chelsea Manning that was critical of President Obama's time in office. Huntsman suggested that Manning had described Obama as a "weak leader," although the term was not used in the piece. As Huntsman spoke, a banner describing Manning as an "ungrateful traitor" appeared on screen.

Trump, 14 minutes later


"The O'Reilly Factor" (Fox News), 8:13 PM

"The O’Reilly Factor" segment featuring Horace Cooper, included the following statistics about Chicago's crime rate: “228 shootings in 2017 (up 5.5% from last year” and “42 homicides in 2017 (up 24% from last year).”

Trump, 1 hour 12 minutes later


"Today" (NBC), 7:14 AM

NBC correspondent Ari Melber filed a report saying that “companies are willing to deal with this as a PR issue” to avoid critical tweets from Trump. Melber also said that, according to companies he had spoken to, Trump’s job creation and preservation “is very small or nonexistent.” Those remarks were made earlier in the morning.

Trump, 20 minutes later


"New Day" (CNN), 8:01 AM

CNN released its latest poll that morning, and a segment at 8:01 a.m. on New Day highlighted that 53% of Americans are less confident now in Trump. The chyron said, “TRUMP BEGINS WITH HISTORICALLY LOW APPROVAL RATING.”

Trump, 10 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 7:25 AM

Linda Bean, heiress to the L.L. Bean company, appeared on "Fox & Friends" shortly before 7:30 a.m. – roughly an hour and a half before Trump’s tweet – to talk about a boycott against her company because of a board member who supported Trump.

Trump, 1 hour 25 minutes later


"New Day" (CNN), 6:14 AM

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota teased a panel discussion and said that, “On the campaign trail, President-elect Trump promised to protect women and make Mexico pay for the border wall. But both of those promises may soon be broken.” Trump tweeted about the border wall and the "dishonest media" less than 10 minutes later.

Trump, 5 minutes later


CNN, 12:52 PM

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter appeared on television all morning discussing the network's new book, "Unprecedented," about the 2016 election. Stelter's final appearance came about 40 minutes before Trump tweeted about the book. During that appearance, Stelter said the cover photo of Trump was taken a couple weeks after Election Day: “It turns out on Election Night, Trump wouldn’t let any photographers behind the scene … Maybe that’s because Trump was not expecting to win on Election Night.”

Trump, 40 minutes later


"Newsroom" (CNN), 10:51 AM

Chicago’s crime statistics were all over the news the day Trump tweeted about the city's murder rate. But a segment on CNN ran a little more than 90 minutes before Trump's tweet. During the segment, the same statistics cited in the Trump tweet appeared on screen.

Trump, 1 hour 40 minutes later


CNN, 5:10 AM

Shortly after 5 a.m., CNN reported on a “potential conflict of interest” for Trump, citing sources who said he would remain as an executive producer on "The Celebrity Apprentice."

Trump, 1 hour 17 minutes later


"Erin Burnett Outfront" (CNN), 7:18 PM

CNN's Erin Burnett conducted an interview with Chuck Jones, the president of United Steelworkers 1999, who disputed Trump's claim that he saved 1,100 jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana. "I think he ought to make sure he gets all the facts straight before he starts talking about what he's done," Jones said in the interivew.

Trump, 23 minutes later


"Fox & Friends" (Fox News), 6:25 AM

Fox News Channel ran a segment about a protest at Amherst College after the school stopped flying all flags. The school's decision came after students allegedly burned an American flag to protest Trump’s electoral victory.

Trump, 30 minutes later

Additional contributions by Megan Pendergrass and Jill Disis

Published February 27, 2017.