By Shoshana Berger

(Business 2.0) – Sharp Shooter

Panasonic's new D-Snap is a digital entertainment center you can wear around your neck. No bigger than a cell phone, this combo camera and videocam uses an SD Memory Card to store hundreds of 2-megapixel snapshots, up to 11 hours of MPEG4 video, and plenty of MP3 tunes or voice recordings. The thin body conceals a camera lens, while the LCD viewer swivels into position to capture the action. Panasonic D-Snap SV-AV50: $399;

I Want My PCTV!

Sony's all-in-one Vaio desktop PC plays as hard as it works. By day, the 2.8-GHz processor, 120GB hard drive, and wireless keyboard and mouse can tackle your heavyweight number-crunching and multimedia projects. By night, use the astral-bright 15-inch screen, AV ports, and built-in TV tuner with personal video recorder to transfer your favorite entertainment to the built-in DVD burner. It even comes with a remote so you can roam freely around the office. Sony Vaio PCV-V200G: $1,700;

Keep Talking

Your mobile phone may have a spiffy color screen and camera, but those features can drain battery juice just when you need it most. Cellboost is a lighter-size backup battery that plugs into your phone's charging port to provide an extra 60 minutes of talk time. My only gripe: It can't be recharged, so you have to toss the battery into the trash after just one use. Cellboost cell charger: $7;

Musical Chic

Guys, here's a little secret about Apple's new iPod mini: It wasn't designed for you. My sources say the mini was created with women in mind. From the five new colors to the supersvelte chassis, this little MP3 player is destined to do double duty as a fashion accessory. The 4GB device holds roughly 1,000 songs--plenty of music for anyone who favors quality over quantity. Sure, the price is a little steep. But high style never comes cheap. Apple iPod mini: $249;

Rip, Mix, Hold

Ditch the canned Lawrence Welk and keep your customers in the groove while they wait. IntelliTouch's new On-Hold Plus is an MP3-enabled telephone-hold music player that comes with MessageStudio software so you can create personalized messages or music mixes. You then transfer the MP3s to the player via USB or a Smart Media Card. IntelliTouch On-Hold Plus 6000 MP3: $250;


Fingerprint scanners are a must-have for the Orange Alert age. The BioDisk is a USB peripheral that blocks access to a PC hard drive unless the user's fingerprint matches that of the computer owner (or as many as four other authorized individuals). BioDisk also doubles as a secure flash-memory stick for those occasions when you want to carry a cache of top-secret documents in your pocket. Futurecom Global BioDisk 256MB: $179;