By Shoshana Berger

(Business 2.0) – Wall-to-Wall Sound

Eton Grundig's Ego 6000 stereo system will also appeal to the id--assuming your subconscious mind hates the clutter of speaker wire. Using a 2.4-GHz transmitter, the wall-mounted receiver and CD player feeds the beats to as many as a dozen pairs of wireless speakers hanging anywhere in the office. The brushed-aluminum finish looks sharp, and the 25 watts per channel of round, well-toned sound is just as dazzling. Eton Ego 6000 Wireless: $500;

Screen Star

It's not cheap, but Sony's newest Clié handheld is worth the price of admission. The big, bright screen is easy on the eyes, yet the TH55 also comes with 32MB of RAM, Palm OS 5, Wi-Fi, a camera, an MP3 audio player, a video player, and an innovative application that lets you attach images, voice memos, or hand-scrawled sticky notes to calendar items. A bonus for lefties: The jog dial on the back makes it easy to scroll with either hand. Sony Clié PEG-TH55: $400;

All in One

This might be the smartest small-office idea since the combination fax/copier. Iogear's Boss is a cable/DSL router and server that comes with up to 200GB of built-in storage capacity. The Boss connects PCs and Macs to the Internet with firewall security, making it easy for co-workers to share files that are too cumbersome for e-mail or portable media. Knowledge nomads who need to grab files from the road can also check in remotely through an FTP site. Iogear Boss: $400 (120GB), $500 (200GB);


IBM put its X-series notebooks on a low-carb diet: The new X40 is about an inch thick and weighs in at just 2.7 pounds. It's no weakling, however, with an available 1.2-GHz low-volt processor, 512MB of memory, a 40GB drive, a 12.1-inch display, and built-in Wi-Fi. It may even help you sleep better at night; IBM's Rapid Restore technology automatically saves backups of critical files in a hidden part of the hard drive, so recovering lost or damaged data is as easy as touching a button. IBM Thinkpad X40: From $1,800;

Big Time

Think of it as a homepage that goes wherever you do. Fossil's Wrist Net watch with MSN Direct beams news headlines, weather reports, traffic updates, stock quotes, movie times, appointment reminders, and instant messages straight to your forearm. The ticker automatically adjusts to local time, but the downside is that you'll need to pack yet another charger when you travel. Fossil Wrist Net (FX3000): $179, plus $59 annual MSN subscription;

Join the Band

Calling all globe-trotters! Motorola's newest phone lets you roam the far corners of the planet, from Manhattan to Mongolia. With quad-band GSM capability, the V600 automatically switches between 850, 900, 1,800, and 1,900 MHz. Inside the classy metal clamshell, there's a big, bright color screen, an always-on Internet browser, and Bluetooth connectivity. And of course, you can use the integrated camera to send snapshots home from Ulaanbaatar. Motorola V600: $299;