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By Matthew Maier

(Business 2.0) – Open for Business

Motorola's A630 lets your fingers do the talking. Flip open the soap bar of a communicator and behold a full "qwerty" keyboard on a 3.7-inch-wide platform: The combo is an ergonomic godsend for any IM-dependent thumb-jockey accustomed to spelling out words on a cramped numeric keypad. An incorporated VGA camera is fine for snapshots, and the Web and e-mail are easily accessed, courtesy of coded keys and intuitive menus. The color screen could be bigger, but it's plenty sharp enough for good reading. Motorola A630: $250; www.motorola.com.

Bright Idea

BenQ's PB2240 projector is the perfect tool for taking your show on the road. Just over 4 pounds and more compact than a hardback novel, the machine easily fits in a briefcase. An included remote is also small--at credit card size, a little too small--but at least adjusting volume and contrast is easy via a one-touch menu button atop the machine. Your audience will certainly be satisfied: Image resolution is so crisp that the PB2240 accepts HDTV output, and with a rating of 2,000 lumens, the BenQ delivers the brightness of a lighthouse. BenQ PB2240: $2,395; www.benq.com.

Roam Reservation

Virtually every hotel room is a Wi-Fi hotspot when you tote along this tiny wireless router. Netgear's device, which can travel in a breast pocket and plugs into a standard Ethernet port, provides one or more users with a lightning-quick (802.11g), untethered Web connection. Add in the reassuring security provided by the router's 128-bit data encryption and you'll quickly take to the luxury of e-mailing your boss from bed. Netgear WGR101 Wireless Travel Router: $99; www.netgear.com.

Quick Fix

Starbucks only wishes it had a barista as quick as the Senseo. Insert a premeasured single-serving packet of dark roast, pour water in the tilted maker's reservoir, press a button, and an internal nozzle instantly casts a wide shower over every last ground. The 1,450-watt boiler adds the finishing touch--a nice layer of foam--faster than you can say "doppio espresso macchiato." Senseo HD7810 Single-Serve Coffee Machine: $70; www.senseo.com.

Small Talker

Garmin's Quest GPS is a full-featured in-car unit dressed in portable packaging. Like its bulkier peers, the locator delivers turn-by-turn voice prompts and sorts multiple stops into the most efficient route. But only the Quest slides into a pocket of your carry-on so you never have to be in a rental car without it. A rechargeable lithium ion battery and the 115MB hard drive--which holds seven metro maps--make sure you reach your destination. Garmin Quest: $643; www.garmin.com.

Attention Getter

Television finds its way into the home office with the Qosmio. Sure, the Toshiba's 1.7-GHz processor capably handles a spreadsheet. But the feat is how this laptop works with HBO: Turn on the integrated, cable-ready TV tuner without booting up, or launch the Windows XP Media Center system and record your favorite programs right onto the 80GB hard drive or a DVD. Add a high-quality 15-inch screen and Harman Kardon speakers, and taking five, or considerably longer, has never been easier. Toshiba Qosmio E15-AV101: $2,599; www.toshiba.com. -- MATTHEW MAIER