Who's Hiring Now
Despite the underachieving recovery, good jobs are out there, and more are coming. We've found at least 100,000 of them.
By Paul Kaihla

(Business 2.0) – You'd think it'd be fairly easy to find out which companies across the country have good jobs to fill. But in fact, there's no central repository of data on the hiring plans of individual firms. Neither the government nor private analysts track corporate hiring by company in any detail; the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics is actually barred by law from divulging who has the help-wanted sign out.

So to pinpoint where the jobs are today, Business 2.0 conducted its own exhaustive survey, based on proprietary data from corporate analyst Dun & Bradstreet and on interviews with economists, consultants, headhunters, and more than 100 companies. Some of the findings are hardly shocking: Defense contractors will take as many skilled IT workers as they can find to keep the war on terror equipped with bombs and bullets—and with high-tech communications gear and surveillance systems. Thus Boeing, which in the past several years laid off thousands of workers, is now bringing on about 1,500 people a month. But some of the other companies that made the list may surprise you. Wells Fargo? Who knew.

We filtered out jobs that pay less than the national median salary of about $36,000. For that reason, Wal-Mart didn't make the cut. The retailing behemoth added an estimated 70,000 people in the past 12 months, far more than any other U.S. company. But most of those jobs pay little more than minimum wage.

The survey isn't perfectly scientific, and it may have missed some companies that have big openings to fill. Still, take a look at who is definitely hiring; even if your dream job isn't here, a position at one of these companies might be more fulfilling than what you're doing now. — P.K.

[*] Estimated. SOURCES: Dun & Bradstreet; Business 2.0 analysis