Table of contents: VOL. 5, NO. 11 - December 1, 2004
We asked some of the smartest people in business how they manage to do what they do, time and again. Not surprisingly, they delivered. (more)

A company-by-company rundown of the biggest bets, busts, and breakthroughs of 2004. (more)
Gary Erickson walked away from millions to keep his successful energy-bar startup his own. It's no guarantee of success against rivals like Nestlé and Kraft, but for Erickson, going it alone is the only way. (more)
Broadband is inspiring refugees from tech's meccas to build businesses where the living is easy and startup costs are low. (more)
Even in confusing times, business serves up winners and losers with plenty to teach us. (more)
She fought off cancer, then turned a struggling maker of design software into an industry giant. Is there anything that tough-talking Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz can't do? (more)
PETER DRUCKER, management guru and author of The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done (more)
JOHN THOMPSON, CEO, Symantec (more)
BILL GATES, chairman and chief software architect, Microsoft (more)
ANTHONY ZUIKER, executive producer, C.S.I., C.S.I.: Miami, and C.S.I.: New York (more)
STEPHEN COVEY, author of The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness (more)
BARRY DILLER, chairman, InterActiveCorp (more)
SALLIE KRAWCHECK, CFO, Citigroup (more)
MEG WHITMAN, CEO, eBay (more)
MICHAEL MORITZ, partner, Sequoia Capital (more)
ED ZANDER, CEO, Motorola (more)
PRINCE, musician (via e-mail) (more)
VICTOR TSAO, co-founder, Linksys (more)
SEAN MALONEY, executive vice president and general manager, Intel Communications Group (more)
If you live in a housing market that has boomed, the answer might just be yes. Here's how to decide if it's a good time to sell. (more)

Whether you're starting a business or splurging on a Ferrari, if you want to get the lowest interest rates, you'll need to pump up your FICO score. (more)
Every car company pumps out a convertible. But only BMW's technology-laden 645Ci delivers that folding top as merely an opening act. (more)
With a long nonstop and lots of work ahead of you, don't opt for the goopy chicken. Reach instead for your brown bag—and food that won't bring you down. (more)
Cheat Sheet

We scoured a dozen cities to find the most hospitable hotspots for business travelers. Here's where to log on when you're on the go. (more)
Hits & Misses

In Front
Forget the small-screen caricature you see on The Benefactor. The boisterous dotcom billionaire behind is building an HDTV empire. (more)

The Federal Reserve sees clear skies ahead, but the markets say otherwise. Whom should you trust? (more)

In Front: People. Trends. Ideas
What Works
The airplane manufacturer was ready to ground its in-flight Wi-Fi service. Amazing what happens when a team has six months to live. (more)
The 1,000-title series from John Wiley & Sons spans everything from puppy care to personal finance. Here's how the company manages its how-to empire. (more)
For a new wave of Japanese electronics brands, what a gadget does is less important than how it looks in your living room. (more)
By taking nigiri down-market, Ryuji Ishii's Advanced Fresh Concepts made raw fish an American fast food. (more)
The crunchy manufacturer of all-natural toothpaste has mastered the art of balancing its idealistic values with the realities of mass-market retailing. (more)
InnerWireless CEO Ed Cantwell looked at Shanghai's concrete jungle and saw a promising new business model. (more)
Think you're a great leader? Try doing the work of those you lead. (more)
As Goodyear learned, manufacturers ignore the needs of distribution partners at their own peril. (more)
What Works: Tools. Tactics. Insights.
Forget made-up words and quirky nonsense. When choosing an identity for a company or a product, simple and straightforward are back in style. (more)
Our annual rankings show another banner year for the businesses leading the tech revival. Here's who is out in front and how they got there. |more|
It's getting crowded on the Web 2.0 frontier, but we highlight the newcomers most likely to strike gold in 2007. |more|
See the video, test your Dumbest knowledge, and let us know what you think was the year's most boneheaded moves. |more|
The real estate slump could get worse before it gets better. Here are smart strategies for today's turbulent market. |more|
It just may be possible to have it all. Business 2.0's guide shows you how to live large now - and bankroll your future. |more|