Google's Magic Bus
By Rachel Rosmarin

(Business 2.0) – A few lucky people actually look forward to the daily commute. Just ask one of about 300 Google employees who regularly go to and from the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif., on the company's free Wi-Fi-equipped shuttles.

NO ROAMING PENALTIES Google project manager Cari Spivack, right, conceived of the Bay Area-wide busing program. "People have moved up to San Francisco because they know they can take the shuttle to work," she says.

TIME SAVER The biodiesel-fueled shuttle and its carpool-lane privileges can cut a 90-minute commute in half.

STAY CONNECTED Web access comes via a high-speed cellular data network and an 802.11g wireless router. "Riders tell me they're experiencing a boost in productivity," Spivack says. And, presumably, a lot less road rage. — RACHEL ROSMARIN